Me, myself and every1!

Me, Myself and Every one:
Some days I wake up really determined to do some stuffs but when I get to the 6th hour from when I wake up, I’m like, OH MY! i will have to go through this tomorrow because as much as I would like to deny it, I procrastinate…………….. A LOT.
My name is Temitayo Omowunmi Odumade (its optional but you can add Faith to the mix); that’s where I got the nick name T.O.O. from. I am a graduate of Economics from the University of Lagos, Akoka; a senior certificate holder through Faith Academy secondary school. I like to tell my friends that I went to a school of performing arts for a primary school (‘cos really that’s what it was o), and oh the name of the school is The Vine Nursery and Primary school.
Enough of the qualifications, now let me tell you about myself!
Life is definitely in phases, whoever thought of it should be given thumbs up. I realized overtime that my needs, desires and fears change as I pass through some stages in life. Download!
As a child in nursery school, all I could think about was, hope my friends were okay, when is the time for break going to come, hope I’m not going to eat beans for lunch, when next am I going to the beach or better still, whispering palms.
I grew up a tinny Winnie bit and so did my thought pattern, as a primary school student, my thoughts became something like this:
Oh! When is this school bus coming to drop us all at home?
What time is this particular cartoon going to be on?
I hope I make the cut for the dance group
I hope I remember my lines before KIDS AFFAIRS CREW came by
How would I beat my arch rival to first position in class?
Hope they don’t cut me off from the children ushering team
How late will my mum be, coming from work?
Oh there were more thoughts but they are seemingly irrelevant.
The older we get, the more our thought pattern change, then we HOPE-LESS and FEAR-MORE. We worry more as time goes by and if we are not careful our hope/fear would be following the 80/20 principle, which in my case is:
80% of our thoughts FEARS that what we HOPE for wouldn’t manifest.
While 20% of our thoughts HOPES that what we FEAR the most doesn’t manifest.
Interestingly, the more we mature, the less we understand things, Indeed we are in the times of “the more you look, the less you see”. We openly hope, but secretly fear; what most people don’t understand is that, the inside is what controls the reactions of our environment!
I would like to stop here for now, who knows maybe next month I will have some other theme, till then you are in my prayers so keep me in yours’.


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