IMAGINE ME WITHOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I sat down in church one Sunday noon waiting for the youth super Sunday to kick off, I was thankful to God that I had my phone and earpiece with me (for those who know me, that’s my signature look). The play of instruments came before the lyrics, by then the song had captured my heart (my latest habit is to name the song I hear through its opening instruments alone), the song that has all this pizzazz is Jaci Velasquez’s IMAGINE ME WITHOUT YOU; to be sincere I couldn’t have named it or sung it better, it got me thinking imagine me without: My friends
My family
And most especially My God
This Is what I came up with:

My friends:
Can I really imagine myself without my friends? Well the answer is NO. I know I’m friendly (it puts me in trouble sometimes) and can be surprisingly snobbish. So I’m thinking imagine me without my friends, wow! Sincerely I will be one boring lady. My friends are handpicked but you may also put it this way: DIVINELY CHOSEN! Right from nursery school I have been surrounded by friends, yes you have inner caucus amongst your friends but out of every majority comes a minority and vice versa. I want you all reading this blog to take time out of your “busy schedule” and appreciate your friends, it will take them by surprise, ruffle some uncomfortable feathers and ofcourse leave some happy enough to reciprocate the gesture. (Think about it).

My family:
Now that’s easy, I wouldn’t be born simple (I’m sure that’s the first thing that comes to your mind). It’s more than that, I learnt not too long and I’m still learning the importance of family. Prior to this learning stages I unconsciously put my friends before my family and I ofcourse got burnt. It’s not possible to live with every member of your family without having to be frustrated enough to wish they weren’t your family, the ones we love the most are the ones we are most vulnerable with hence, the ones that easily gets us hurt. I can boldly say that it’s my family that made me who I am today, every time life throws a curve ball at me, they are always there to tell me if I deserved the curve ball or if they would avenge the curve ball thrown at me. I am very proud to say that my family is basically what remains when my friends desert me (consciously or unconsciously) and I love every member of my nuclear family. I really can’t imagine myself without my family, though I wouldn’t be lost and confused, I definitely will be one without love. Money comes and goes, friends come and go but family definitely comes but they don’t go, instead they stick there!

My God:
Imagine me without the blue skies, imagine me without an ear to enjoy the sweet sounds of songs written and imagine me without music? It’s pretty hard to imagine me without any of the above, yes I would look funny but I will live but imagine me without my God, wow! I wouldn’t last a day; I would be lost and confused afteral who makes my life worthwhile? The moment you can imagine your life without God, that’s the same moment you ought to check yourself. Imagine me without my God is like something that cannot be compared, his unconditional love leaves me awed! I can’t possibly and successfully imagine myself without my God. You oh lord teach me the baby steps in walking with you, even when I insist on being stubborn and not learn the baby steps you don’t reproach me instead you carry me in the hollow of your palm and teach me reasons why I need to learn those baby steps. Thank you oh Lord, I’m so grateful for reasons I’m not sure about but above all for not giving up on me, I don’t know why I would have attempted to imagine myself without you. Eternally grateful!!!!


3 thoughts on “IMAGINE ME WITHOUT YOU!

  1. @Fowowe, you got it right! thanks for reading!
    @ L.A.W. i can call you that officially now i guess? thanks, each time we try to imagine we come up with fanthom thoughts! missed you like crazy, remember our rehearsals naughtiness and our shared passion for rock songs, dont let it die o!


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