“Accident on the wheel”

“Jesus take the wheel, take it from my hands……………………… I’m letting go, so give me one more chance,, save me from this road I’m on, from this road I’m on”! – Carrie Underwood

There are times we as individuals say things but don’t understand the depth of what we are saying.
I always had issues with pride, I knew (at least I acknowledged it so I was on my way to recovery) it was not good but I just couldn’t help myself. I went to God in prayer; “Lord humble me, let it be more of you and less of me, increase in me and let the POMPOUS ME decrease”, I prayed and the answer I got to that my single prayer was more (at first) of a slap on my face (afteral  it’s me seeking humility) than an answer! This got me thinking, there are times when we pray, we want God to answer our prayer our way instead of HIS way.
“Jesus take the wheel”, we may not put it in those exact words but many times we tell God to take control, we tell him to guide our affairs yet we still “struggle for the wheel” with him, that’s when it becomes a case of he said she said better still; God said, we say! Below are some of our daily struggles for the wheel:
God said: Cast all your burdens on me for I care
We are pretty comfortable doing that, until we are in some tight corner then our reply would then be
Us: Lord I doubt you will understand
In our minds, God doesn’t understand how difficult this course is or how important we need to get this done, so we decide to use our “street credibility” to solve the problem, we decide to cheat in exams or to bribe our way to the top!
God: For I know the thoughts I have towards you……… (jer29:11)
We quote this (guilty of this myself) when things are going on smoothly and we are trying to brag with our friends, or when we see a guy (for the ladies) that we don’t admire or like walk up to us!
Us: Lord I have plans
When God gives us an instruction that we should walk in a certain path, we turn around and tell him we have plans, we want to attain some certain height before reaching a certain age and all the crap that goes with that excuse!
God: Is there anything too difficult for me?
Rather than take God up on his words we give excuse that:
Us: Lord this is impossible, unachievable, can you really do it?
We ask questions when we are supposed to act In faith, we insult God by thinking he is not capable of handling the “big” issues but we are comfortable with him handling the “small” inconsequential issues.

For we walk by faith [we regulate our lives and conduct ourselves by our conviction or belief respecting man’s relationship to God and divine things, with trust and holy fervor; thus we walk] not by sight or appearance.”- 2 cor 5: 17

How many times do we say Jesus take the wheel? Yet we at some point struggle for the wheel because it seems (to us) that the lane he (Jesus) is taking doesn’t seem to be moving! Accidents are bound to happen when we don’t define who to take control of the wheel of our lives, imagine how simple our life would be if we just take a back seat and let him drive us to the thought he has towards us! Remember, he never said it was going to be easy but he promised you it would be worth it!
The year is only beginning and before we move any further in this year I want you to pause and decide who you want on the wheel, undecided individuals are prone to “accident on the wheel”, remember his ways are higher than our ways! I for one have decided that Jesus should indeed take the wheel.

Do have a lovely rest of the month! see you all in the “month of love”- roses are blue violets are red, for some reason it doesn’t sound true! i can feel ideas coming!


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