it’s soooo real in MARCH

It is soo real, yes! I mean what else could be! I know you are probably thinking that what’s this babe saying o, well I’m just stating the fact that the Holy Spirit to me is very real even to the minute details of my life.
“Tayo go and iron your clothes not necessarily now but this night” that was what the holy spirit told me a night before, I didn’t answer and I ended up waking up with no light in the house and wearing a “Mary Amaka” dress to work on a Friday if i may add (so not my thing argggggggggh) even my boss had to ask me what went wrong and if I was okay! I just want to encourage us to listen to the holy spirit when he speaks ‘cos he has seen ahead
Going through this month of March I for once had this blog on my mind more than I normally do, and I thought to myself: am I having this blogspot for all the wrong reasons? Do I crave commendations from people about “my” writing skills or am I using my life and experience to be an advertisement for Christ? I think I got it all mixed up but I’m back on track; that brings me to my theme for this month
                                CONSIDER HOW FAR YOU HAVE FALLEN
Revelation 2:5: consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.
This scripture isn’t as scary as it facially seem it’s just telling you to retrace your back to the point just before such warnings of this particular scripture came to your heart, believe me if you don’t it could get worse.
Have you ever been in a situation where you had something, you were probably used to having it and all of a sudden you don’t have it anymore? If your answer is no then kudos, I wouldn’t want you to experience such things but if your answer is yes, then you know it’s not a wonderful feeling; that’s what one feels just before one has their lampstand removed from its place.
FALLLING DOWN: It started with me lying not to hurt someone’s feelings (I’m not a self proclaimed goody two-shoes), then I changed my reading parterns from Karen kingsbury, Francine rivers e.t.c to some really bad historical romance and also modern day romance (for someone with a vivid imagination that was a BIG problem), then next my thought pattern changed; “afteral others have done it” kind of thoughts, then next I started acting on the imaginations a little subtly though of which the aftermath of acting subtly was me feeling too dirty to pray (an intimate conversation with God) and then I didn’t care again until I realized that I just might have grieved the Holy Spirit because he wasn’t talking to me anymore and that left a bitter taste in my mouth or should I say in my being.

“The love of God accomplishes all things quietly and completely; it is not anxious or uncertain. – LILIAN WHITING

 RISING UP: 2cor 12: 9: he said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”, so we are human afteral  we all make mistakes but remember it remains a mistake when you refuse to see it’s a mistake; most of us feel as Christians we ought to be perfect (I’m not arguing with that ‘cos there is a scripture to back it up) but the human in us causes some imperfections that makes us weak and that’s where the above scripture comes to play. I realized that I had lost it or was speedily on my way to totally loosing it (and yes: remember how far you have fallen was constantly my error message). The most difficult step in my “rising up” was the having to go back to where I lost it but in one of the love letters God wrote to us with the theme ISAIAH on the first page and the 18th line (Isaiah 1:18), he said; “come let us reason together, though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” So whatchu scared about? he has already made it easy for you to rise up from your fallen state, please no sin is too big for forgiveness and repentance but your lack of the afore is what results to the removal of your LAMPSTAND (how then can you see in this darkened world of ours’ without light?) SELAH!
The goodnews is that I retraced my steps before my lampstand was removed (I’m guessing its worse retracing your step if it’s actually removed), and I’m back to having the Holy Spirit talk to me and I to him, its blissful recovering what you’ve lost because you cherish it more, that’s what I’m feeling and I hope think about what you’ve read rather than sigh, close this page and forget you read anything!
My thoughts are a lil bit scattered this month but I hope you got the message.
My prayer to Japan: Oh Lord, you are God no matter what, help them through this and let the world know that it could only have been you who brought them out of this sinking clay (quake-tsunami)! I pray for Nigeria let all these dirty politician be put to shame in this month ahead of us called April! (AMEN)
a friend might need this pls pass the link to them! 

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