first love, passion and etcetera!!!!

For some reasons unknown to me I am very passionate about this 2011 elections!!!!! (sighing)
This April entry has taken a lot from me, in the sense that I have grown spiritually just within one month…………..yes the scripture doesn’t lie so when the bible tells you that; “iron sharpeneth iron, so does a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend” it knows what its saying. I want to also use this opportunity to thank you DIPO OLATEMIJU for introducing me to a group that has boosted my spiritual growth, the group I’m talking about is the blackberry group of GRIP- GROWING IN PURPOSE! It’s good to be around those who have like passion with you and that’s God!!!!
I’m going to touch random aspects of my feelings this month and not necessarily one theme:
First Love
Passion and etcetera

First love: I don’t know about you but when I was little I had a love of my life that I ran to when I was in trouble, when I was scared, when I was sick, when I was lonely and needed to be listened to, ofcourse you guessed wrong, it wasn’t my mum or my one and only lovely sister, nope, it was my God back then I didn’t see him as “God” I saw him as my confidant, I was then the typical child that Jesus described in the bible that adult should emulate well that was before growing up came in the way. I had such passion for him that it was contagious! My latest definition of faith is: putting all your eggs in God’s basket and counting all your eggs before they hatch (contrary to the typical: don’t put all your eggs in one basket and don’t count your chickens before they hatch), but back then it was more like putting all my eggs into God’s hands and going around telling people I had so, so and so amount of chickens/blessings without a second thought. Sincerely I miss those days.
God was my first love and I definitely intend to and i’m on my way back to my first love. He said: “come with me my child to the secret place” it’s not in Paris or Nashville or Lekki or any physical location, its found in daily communion with him, he said: ‘draw near to me and I will draw near to you’ (James 4:7) my advice is don’t let the busyness of this world stop you from drawing near to him o. When you are in a relationship with the opposite sex, you want to be with the person despite of your schedule, you try as much as possible to find time to call or nowadays chat each other every single time, (sorry I can’t avoid the too many commas) well it’s high time you see yourself in a relationship with God and not the master-servant one o but a love affair that’s where I agree with Jonathan Butler when he said: ‘falling in love with Jesus was the best thing that I have ever done”. In all you do remember that he is a jealous God:

James 4:4- :”you adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. 5 Or do you think scripture says without reason that the spirit he caused to live in us envies intensely?

Like every good relationship, it needs to be cultivated, God may not be your first love but you are definitely his, according to Rachael lampa’s no greater love (I listen to songs A LOT), “before I knew your name, you knew my every breath, before I found my way you, knew my every step, before I knew everything that I need, you gave it all to me, no greater love than this that you should lay down your life for someone such as me, the beauty of heaven is here in my heart and I know there can be no greater love! SELAH
so I’m joining my voice with that of Kirk Franklin’s and telling you to come back to your first love, why do you think he likened his second coming as the bride groom coming to take his bride, it’s because of the relationship or should I say courtship you have “had” with him all through your life.
Passion and etcetera: its election season here in my zone and I see different youth try to convince others why they should vote for whom they think is ideal (I’m guilty of that sef), in one of my reflection periods I thought to myself that as a Christian, have I been voicing out my convictions this loud about why my God is the best choice one can ever make? So I am asking you the same, have you been openly telling people God is the best choice one can ever make? We still tell them that though rigging may occur this candidate is the best, well in God’s case no rigging is occurring so what you decide is what you get……….choose life so that you die to live and not live to die! Think it through; in times like this I miss Jesus in Jeans that is associated with sovereign army fellowship!

Check out this link please: check this out don’t be scared, it just makes what I wrote more real!!!!

I love you but my love is nothing compared to God’s love for you through Christ Jesus, remember more vividly that there’s no greater love than for someone who is sinless laying down his life for sinful me and you!

P.S. someone might need this, so pass this link along! On the 30th and next month two years ago was the beginning of a loving reassurance of God’s love for me. MAY the Lord keep you! See you next month!


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