STONE: I stumbled on a stone – David saw it and used the stone to kill Goliath 1sam 17: 50

WATER: I use it to take a bath – Elisha used it and directed Naaman, who was then healed of Leprosy in river Jordan (dipping himself seven times) 2kings 5:10; 14
LEGS: I use it to walk (obviously) at most I use it to run, jog and definitely use it to stand – Elijah had the same legs and outran a chariot! 1kings 18: 46 Hmmmn! Getting the drift?
ROD: I normally use it to pluck fruit, swing around – Moses found it and parted the red sea Exodus 14:21
Hey everyone, welcome to the month of May, let me add that I’ve got some pretty loyal friends in this month o!
I also want to use this opportunity and medium to reach out to the fallen heroes (youth corpers) who died in the name of INEC and serving the father land. I pray such deaths would not occur again, it’s a very painful incidence better left forgotten but can’t quite be forgotten, each time I wear my corper uniform I feel as though I’m mourning (thank God I am almost through with it sef)
I have a feeling you feel I have forgotten about what I started this month blog with but I guess I proved you wrong once again!
Looking at the stone, the water, the legs and even the rod, a thought crossed my mind that God was probably gathering momentum (hope I used the word well) ready for the grand finale, all those wonderful things happened with simple materials; diverting a bit, whatever you have in your hand, use it and the Lord will bless it. Back to my earlier thought trend; they were simple materials but with God in it turned to supernatural mystery or better still, wonder.

THE GAINFUL CROSS: This Easter I was determined not to let the “cross” go until I got something out of it (in the midst of all the public holidays we might have lost touch with the blessing of the cross). Then it hit me (BOOM!!), there are crosses and there is THE cross! If you notice very well (if you go through your bible or if you watch passion of the Christ or better yet all those easter films) Jesus wasn’t the first to be crucified on a gigantic T-square but he was the first to be crucified on the cross that caused an immediate weather change and earthquake (talk about dying with holy swagger), that’s the THE factor.
Yeah yeah, the popular saying amongst we Christians is; he died that I may LIVE but have we really explore that? Are we religious (as much as we would like to deny it but most Christians are Pharisees rather than disciples) instead of being in a relationship? Lately we Christians are turning out to be basic – use Christians, meaning that we see God as our I’m–in–trouble personality, instead of for who he is (like according to research only about 20% of the population of smartphones owners are actually smarter or even use the phone for its smartness and not its trend). What do I mean by exploring the cross or yet the saying I started this paragraph with? Do we know what it really means to be without sin but pay upfront deposit for the sin others yet unborn will commit? Do we know what it means to be accursed (“cursed is any man that hangs on a tree” and the cross is made from trees) for the same people that killed you and more? Then the joy of rising up with the key to death and hell is something to be proud of, please I implore you not to let this selfless act of love to be wasted and the gainfulness of the cross a complete WEIST (modern day waste). His dying for us and eventual resurrection is something that we ought to be proud of, so please tell all and sundry what they stand to gain…………….life eternally, all they need do is acknowledge that he (JESUS) is the Lord and only him can save.

THE LAMB WITH TWO LEGS: like I said earlier, there are crosses and there is THE cross! Advice to all, don’t worship the cross but THE ONE who died on the cross and rose again so that we would not die eternally. Let me take you back to the beginning when Adam and eve sinned and a lamb was required of them for atonement, let’s move on through the old testament, as the population increased more lambs were required for atonement of sins, figuring with our present population if we continued that way I doubt if there would be any lamb left in this world. God being who he is stepped in and said PAUSE, he had a better plan, why don’t I change the posture of a particular lamb that will put an end to the killing of innocent four-legged animal and let it be the same anatomy with those killing the regular one. He came up with THE LAMB WITH TWO LEGS, it is that same lamb that made the cross a gainful one. Lambs are known for their “purity” hence, his pure son (JESUS) had to come down to die (it was just one needed because he looked like us), the beauty about this two-legged lamb is that he rose again! It took a love like no other to do that for us; all that is required of us is to love him just a fraction (which is big in human size) of how he loves us, is that so hard?

I may never climb the mountain so I can see the world from there,
I may never ride the waves and taste the salty ocean air,
Or build a bridge that will last a hundred years,
One thing that is for sure is that I am blessed J – Rachael Lampa

In conclusion:

CROSS: cursed is anyone who hangs on it – Jesus died there hence, I am blessed! John 19: 17
LAMB: one lamb to atone sin of one person or at most nation – Jesus became THE LAMB for the whole world.  

Ever heard: “the letter kills but the spirit gives life”? it’s the spirit of God behind all these instruments that makes them stand out.

Remember he cried – Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani (my Father, my Father, why have you forsaken me), so that you would never be forsaken and don’t you be forgetting that in a hurry!
Election has truly come and gone for us that were so passionate about it (you see!), those who rigged, rigged, God’s word will never pass away, it remains the same; that’s the reassurance no politician can give me. A special congratulations to Ibadan though and Lagos state (hehehe)! Have a glorious rest of the month.
The month of June (if Jesus tarries in his coming), brings to a close a chapter in my life and an opening to another, till then and even after, love God and all that he is and you will never regret handing over your life to THE LAMB WITH TWO LEGS and dropping your sins down at THE GAINFUL CROSS! I love you but Jesus loves you the most!

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