something lovely about June 12

Good morning everyone! Today is June 12 and here in Nigeria its a day that was created out of a seemingly normal day in 1993! Where there was d canceled first free nd fair election! I was then a child when people took to d streets to butcher d hausas as a revolt and a way to “protect” their votes! I asked people around me hoping that my mum didn’t look like an hausa! My point is, for a country and a candidate people lost their lives, we shld note that there was no evidence just yet that things were going to turn around for d better if he indeed entered yet people believed in him! How much your heavenly father who has for generations immemorial prooved himself more than worthy of our love? I want to implore you to use today to reflect on your standing with God and also decide to have that strong passion to tell everyone you meet of the one that loves and never fails! Whose entry into your life cannot be annuled! Who loves you soo much and asks for soo lil from you! I’m talking about God the father, God d son (Jesus Christ) and God the spirit (Holyspirit)! Its a rough note but I want you to ponder on it! He doesn’t require violence from you just that you shld shout his fame to all the earth as you do with “someone” you claim to love! Its June 12 people nd its not just about M.K.O and I.B.B its about how passionate we could also be for Christ! Once again good morning! (•͡.̮ •͡ )
Spread d message  d letter kills but d spirit gives life!


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