Fearless: to be or not to be

In life we think we can handle things ourselves however unconsciously, but the truth is that we just might be scared because we feel if things don’t work out the way we want we don’t have to think that the “almighty” God failed us! The truth is that God doesn’t care how we feel, so far his will is done in your life.
I want to sincerely apologize for my lack of post in the month of July, my excuse is procrastination and the fear that I just might not be that good in writing than I thought I was, but I realized that I’m just an instrument or a tool for God and it’s left for me to put myself in the position to be used. My thoughts are really rough this month so please sift through this write up and get the message and be blessed.

First I would like to say a very big congratulations to me Myself and definitely EVERYONE who has been a part of my blogspot one way or the other, I really appreciate your love and encouragement, (wearing my party frock) we are 1!!!!! I want to say a big thank you to my bold followers, my ardent readers, and my interested advertisers; I hope I have encouraged you in the walk with God as I have myself.

I would like to specially congratulate my sister from another parent, who I normally call THE VOICE on your wedding; congratulations Jide Adebiyi on finding a good THING called Adeola Adebiyi (nee Shotade), God bless your union, though I’m tempted to put up pictures I would just hold myself. Next I would like to congratulate my dear friends who are August celebrants; you guys are important so according to dates I would like to wish: Ayomide Abu, Akinade Ibuoye, Niyi Olumoto, Ifeoluwa Ogunkanmi, Oludayo Odunfa and Omolara Akingbulu, a very happy birthday and the beginning of all things good in your life.
All that said and done I would like to go down to what my theme of this anniversary month is:
USED: to be or not to be : have you ever felt USED and unappreciated? If no then go and do something about yourself because you need to experience it. I have at some point felt used and taken advantage of, it’s annoying yet I choose to keep quiet. The fact that you are used doesn’t mean you aren’t useful for other things, the fact that the sun is used to see doesn’t mean it can’t be used to make the sea look like liquid gold, I guess my point is to encourage you and everyone who feel used that, you make something or someone some place feel beautiful and better. In other to be used by God we have to put ourselves in position where we can be used; look at Joseph, Moses, David, and much more. You have to position yourself in such a way that God would be interested in using you; do you want to be like the 10 foolish virgin or 10 wise ones? You have the right to choose but remember that for every choice you make or don’t make your actions or lack of it says it all. When God dials your number for him to use you, do you want a smooth connection or (in a NITEL voice) a “all trunks are busy please try again later” default message? It’s good to be used otherwise one would be USELESS PLEASE TAKE NOTE. 
FEAR : I’m guessing you are wondering why I came up with this word out of nowhere, but just like it came out that’s how it manifests in our life. I remember in my first write-up titled: “me, myself and everyone” I wrote:
“The older we get, the more our thought pattern change, then we HOPE-LESS and FEAR-MORE. We worry more as time goes by and if we are not careful our hope/fear would be following the 80/20 principle, which in my case is:
Þ     80% of our thoughts FEARS that what we HOPE for wouldn’t manifest.
Þ     While 20% of our thoughts HOPES that what we FEAR the most doesn’t manifest.
Interestingly, the more we mature, the less we understand things, Indeed we are in the times of {“the more you look, the less you see”}. We openly hope, but secretly fear; what most people don’t understand is that, the inside is what controls the reactions of our environment!”
Well the truth is that our fear unlike our faith ties us down to a spot. Fear is the paralyzing twin of faith, while faith makes you act as though what’s believed has been done, fear ensures you act as though it never worked out. Peter in Matthew 14:25-31 unknowingly explained that faith and fear are completely opposite; with faith he broke the various rules of physics by walking on water, but with fear instilled in him he began to sink. Fear ensures you operate within the rules of THIS world (where we have the laws of: limitations, impossibility, e.t.c), that’s why it is important to stay focus and not  be distracted by things of THIS world for we are in THIS world but we are not of THIS world, don’t you forget that in a hurry!!
This month’s entry is going to be in two part; this one and about something else!!!! I feel like a child asked to sing in the midst of everyone and scared how my voice may sound like to the audience. Here are some tips I thought might be useful for us to remember while living:
·         Encouragement is like a grease to a machine, it makes it work smoothly and too much of it could make the machine slack in productivity, be careful to dish just the right amount of it.
·         Being with the right group of people is like being down in a race and the other participants carry you up and are running with you without them knowing, what I mean is that they help you out without taking credit and that’s because they don’t even know they are helping out!!!
·         God is too big to be contained. Don’t limit God with your thought or fear that he may not perform (he isn’t a machine that has a bad day), it’s a slap on his face; just like Charles in NUMB3RS will feel insulted if you told him he didn’t understand the venn diagram (his specialty)
·         No matter how far one strays God is always there!
·         Sometimes our prayers maybe our silent tears so don’t be afraid to feel vulnerable in God’s presence.
It’s 3:15am and I feel I have passed my message across, do have a great rest of the month! It’s August break, I guess it is time to break all limitations and impossibility! My name is Taemytayo and praise is what I do!!!  

“How refreshing to know you don’t need me, how amazing to find that you love me …….. so I will stand for the truth and I’ll fight with your strength till you bring the victory by the power of Christ in me”- Casting crowns

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