Merry Christmas!!!!!

Hi every one, the year is fast coming to a close and presently every serious company should be balancing there books, some declaring profits nd others biting their finger nails at being burnt. As Christians we should be doing the same; I call that self evaluation. 

No doubt A LOT of people have died this year and I’m not a judge but with d lil info I have hell just might be declaring more profit than usual; as a christian that’s quite worrisome. 

If life is an open field and heaven and hell the companies permit me to say that hell’s marketers are more persuasive than heaven’s please accost me if I’m wrong. 

I would like us to genuinely ask ourselves this Christmas season, are we marketing God’s brand or we r lukewarm? Are we a billboard for Christ or people have to ask if we are Team Jesus; whatever answer you come up with, please know that there’s celebration in heaven over every soul won!

Let’s give heaven a reason for a cracked voice (from over shouting) by winning souls for God! 

Remember never to compromise God’s standards he could very well use stones to gain souls 


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