The Process……..What MATTERS

Happy new year dear readers, it felt great knowing you that you visited this blogspot and even more inspiring to know you were inspired.
Happy new year; I whispered to myself before shouting to all and sundry in church, checked my phone in the fifteen minutes break I had before another round of prayers and there I saw a very personalized  happy new year from my Ayotemi, there and then I melted into a smile in church. It’s good to love and know it is being reciprocated and that brings me to this month’s entry.
Congratulations to Omotara Kara (my bunky) on being officially engaged (well it’s my blogspot I can indulge myself), happy birthday to Opeyemi Odumade the big sis everyone could wish for (yes she’s the best), happy birthday Opeyemi Ayandare, Olamipo Durojaiye, Biodun Daniel Oluleye and happy birthday to Osama Osasuyi my very good friend. Yeah, Nigeria is experiencing different things, some say Nigerian spring (in line with the Egyptians), some say we are in a violent phase, others are saying it’s the beginning of the end of fear but I think we are in the phase of “when it is hard to pray, it’s time to pray hard”. I don’t want to base my entry on fuel subsidy removal but I will like to say that the removal of the subsidy is an ingenious idea if there was a subsidy in the first place; and also a way to make the citizens trust you with their deprivation but IT’S NOT BEING HANDLED WELL BY THE GOVERNMENT. God bless Nigeria, enlarge our coast, keep us at peace and make every crocodile pregnant with stolen riches from us to indeed miscarry.
Have you ever been in a relationship before? I mean a loving, working relationship? If yes then it’s easier to understand my perspective and if NO then I’m sure you will catch on. In relationships certain things are expected of both parties, in a romantic relationship you are expected but not compelled to give without holding back, to commit one’s self to be in a relationship one must have an understanding of what one is getting into; that way when the time comes, you can fight for what you believe even when the world thinks you are crazy. I have one question though what now happens when the love waxes cold?
This is definitely not a love themed entry though It’s borne out of love!!!! What happens when the groom comes for his wedding and sees the bride (all dressed for her wedding) having sex with the guests? Do you still expect a wedding to hold? Absolutely NOT!!! Exactly what I thought……. “shall we continue in sin and say grace shall abound? God forbid” for our God is indeed a jealous God:
·         The Groom: Jesus second coming
·        The scandalous bride: Unprepared Christians
·         The Guests: Things of this world

According to Dare from Grip: Rapture is; the taking away of the saints to be with Jesus before the great tribulation. He said more than that though and referenced: Matthew 24, 2 Thessalonians 2, 1 Corinthians 15:25, Revelations1 to chapters7, James chapters 7 to 8

Please take time and re-evaluate your life; ask yourself: “if Christ comes today, where will I be?” I also notice that these days there are a lot of passive rather than active Christians but it’s time to step up and Identify with your creator and not just for what he is capable of doing but dedicate your life to groom your relationship with him, there’s going to be a grand wedding anyways so why not put an effort.
what team do you belong?

I don’t know about you but if I like a song, a product, a show e.t.c. I won’t rest till I get everyone interested in what it is about! I have a feeling that it is the same with most people, so it beats my imagination why we can’t have the same passion for our God enough to speak about him with such contagious passion and yet we claim to love him; in the twilight frenzy you see different people boldly shout “team Edward” or “team Jacob” enough to make shirts and other clothes from but when it comes to shouting God’s fame they are all mute (beats me too). If you are preparing for a wedding wouldn’t you want guest? Wouldn’t you get word round that you’re tying the knot with who you love? Wouldn’t you daresay put an effort to making it perfect? So why are we diluting our wedding preparations for Christ?
 Do you postpone talking about Jesus to friends? (Just like Casting Crown’s – Here I go again), do you hold back when you see a friend backslide? (like it’s a competition to make heaven), do you compromise on God’s standard because “grace” abounds? (Romans 6:1), I am begging you to desist from such ways and more

 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent. – Revelations 2:5

This period in Nigeria shows how much information can spread, how bold people can be when they believe in something good, the protest reminds me of how one can take a stand on what one believes. Jesus is coming sooner than you think and this time around it’s not as a Lamb (oh he is so done with that phase) he is coming as the King of Glory, he is taking that “Gainful cross” he died on and is wielding it as THE SWORD, my own opinion: be prepared rather than get prepared.
In conclusion; just be proud of whom you profess your love too, correct your ways, ask for the in-filling and out-pouring of the Holy spirit and don’t be scared to SHOUT GOD’S FAME, who would you rather be? The smart 5 virgin or the laughable ones? – Matthew 25:1. The choice is yours and know also that you are not too dirty to be washed clean; ask the wonderful lady with the alabaster box, God is waiting for you with open arms run back to him now rather than on your wedding day after being caught.

Happy New Year everyone, I love you (can’t marry you though) but Jesus loves you enough to do so!!! Have a lovely rest of month and love your neighbors enough to share the good news!!!!!!!
Please Pray for Nigeria

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