Working through September!!!!!!

I went to covenant christian centre on the third Sunday in June, it was my first time in that church and it was during praise/worship session I entered with my friends. I sang wholeheartedly to the songs and was worshiping in tongues when we got to the part where I didn’t know the lyrics, we got to a point where we were just worshiping in two letters “HA” that two-letter word covered all your thoughts on God when you are speechless. I went to several churches in my three months absence from this blog and I learnt several ways to worship God.
I really want to sincerely apologize for my silence over the past months, let’s just say I was passing through some things that could have either broken me or made me stronger and to be sincere it did both to me. I learnt to write a poem in one of the classes I took (I will post it also)
 I have a list of Happy birthdays to dish out piling up from the month of May through to September, so, happy birthday Chisom Chris-Nwoji (my always passionately loving friend), Dayo Ibironke, Tope Tedela, Olukayode Aluko, Kolawole Odumade, Oladipo Oladebo, Olanrewaju .M. Kassim (one of my confidants), Jide Olatunbode, Adeniyi Olumoto, Odiogor Omelebele, Kayode Jacobs, Segun Adekanmbi, Oludayo Odunfa (my very own personal person), Ayomide Abu,  Omolara Akingbulu, Yinka Awobiyi, Boluwatife Odumade (my sweet brother) and my wonderful Dad.
A special HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting to my constant reader and my paddy paddy’s girlfriend OLANIKE  AJEIGBE (13-09-2012) you encourage me every step of the way!!!!!!
I remember that the last entry was about Jesus and how loving and caring he is, that hasn’t changed one bit, infact I have been exposed to his grace and how amazing he is. I have been going through some classes and have had series of self discoveries, I have so much potential that even the cemetery will be jealous, I have an edge though, I am learning how to unlock these potentials, believe me, God is so gracious he deposited in us some things we have no idea is in us in us.
“when you start to see things in shades of grey instead of black and white, then know that the end is very near” – Casting Crowns.
I have one question though: why do you love who you love? 
I have several other questions that I could stem out of this question but I am choosing to be quiet about!!! I love Ayodele Akingbulu for several reasons I won’t bother saying on this blog . I am not here to write about love for my boyfriend, no, I think I will reserve it to the appropriate season (rubbing pals together mischievously). My point is “WHY DO YOU LOVE GOD THE WAY YOU CLAIM YOU DO?”
Over the past months I have been receiving broadcast upon broadcast on rapture and sincerely I must confess that it could be scary the way people send this messages, I have to admit that those are creative ways to instill fear and I’m like is that how God wants us to advertise for him? I read my bible and I haven’t seen any part where the disciples or even the apostles boxed people into accepting Christ, infact to me that sounds like what the Pharisees or Sadducees would do. Christians these days are ruled by fear rather than by faith and I am wondering why they are Christians in the first place. I do not forward any message no matter how creative it is telling me to give my life to Christ because of judgment day, isssh!!!
Why would I want to buy/get a bank’s product (hypothetically) if all I’m hearing from the bank’s ambassadors are “get this product or else….”?  I mean, I will run as far from the product as possible. I must see reason to invest my money and time on the product, but if I see the reasonability of the product you don’t need to waste too much time, I will seek you out and buy the product.
 I guess my point is that you can’t attract new converts by making being a Christian a thing of torture, I am a Christian and I am not being tortured, it hurts that we Christians are being laughed out because we seem to be lacking in the ability to advertise God through our lifestyle (and that’s how we got our name in the first place o). I believe and pray that my life should be an advertisement of Christ anywhere I go, and the events of my life should continually reflect God’s love for me and my growing love for him.
Let’s look at it this way: if I need something from someone, I like or pretend to like the person; I act like I like the person for the things that is obtainable from the person. However, if I love someone, I try as much as possible to do what pleases the person; I am interested in not hurting the person.
Most Christians these days; like God when they ought to love God, that is why they are all jittery when it comes to rapture and judgment day messages. I want to encourage you to seek God for who he is and not what you are getting or hope to get from him. Nobody can buy into fake enthusiasm; let us make Christianity and a relationship with Christ more real to the unbelievers.
My dear friends yes, Christ is coming back but he loves you a whole lot more than for you to accept him and salvation like it’s a fast food, your relationship is worth nurturing, don’t take your relationship with God like an affair, a sleazy one at that, he is the groom remember; the ideal husbandman *winks* I am very happy and blessed with who and what God has done and is doing with me.
See you in October!!!!!

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