First Things First

Hi every one!!! It’s been so so long…… Ooops, my bad; HAPPY NEW YEAR *doing cartwheels*
This year has definitely started on a wonderful note. I sincerely apologise for my silence (when your closest friends start asking questions…you know you are in trouble). I could not bring myself to write here because; oh well I have been going through some intense lectures on salvation, grace, faith, prayer and praise….Happy birthday:  to everyone since September, even to me. Ok I sound like I am too happy but oh well that I show I feel these days. I was a mess even till the last day of the past year; however, as the curtain to the year was drawing to a close; I had this sudden strength and anger in me (I had had enough of being played by the devil), I vehemently dropped it all at the Lord’s feet and entered the new year with a sigh of relief (I had made it, with some scratches but no scars). I had learnt several things because I did a lot of thinking in my downtown and want to share with you; please oblige me.

First things first:Remember the sick guy who had wonderful life changing friends in the bible? (I am not here to talk about meeting the right people and making the right friends; however tempting it is) Yeah; the exact one that had the spotlight on him in:  Matthew 9: 2. In verse 2 Jesus told the guy that his sins had been forgiven; that raised a lot of questions; (I am sure if I was in that time I would have raised a sarcastic eyebrow; the guy needs healing and not forgiveness). That brings me back to the advice I was giving as a child – do not put the cart before the horse (they meant premature relationships and my books though), Jesus could have definitely said take up your mat and walk you are healed but no he did not; he decided to address the problem and not the symptoms; a big mistake we Christians do, treating the symptoms (I am guilty of this to). When we pray and we are expecting a definite answer from God, we have a faith that can move planets (not only mountains), and then we get discouraged and heart broken when it seems like God is not answering; we get angry with ourselves, with God, with the world…….for WHAT???? Have you really checked and nothing has changed? Have you gotten more revelations, are your ears more sensitive to what you call intuition/instincts (Holyspirit), are you given more responsibilities at work? Have you noticed how repentant you suddenly have become, have you noticed that after the prayer all things have changed but what you prayed for? (well, go figure), I want to encourage you; God has run a diagnostic test and is treating the real issue and all you need is a blinding faith in God that he knows what he is doing (don’t be like adam that God had to put to sleep to create a miracle called eve from him) you are a new creature and the whole world awaits your manifestation as a child of God, be awake and don’t question your first thing first, rather relax and enjoy the ride. Just imagine if Jabez went to a court and got a change of name?  Would he have had his coast enlarge and him be blessed indeed? I want to advice you today, are you going to settle for God bless me or are you going to stick to God and his first things first and be blessed indeed. In conclusion an earthquake doesn’t start because something happened in the surface but because something moved DEEP WITHIN, same with the tsunami. You are God’s special one and rather than sulk rejoice that he loves you too much to treat just the surface, hang on just after your “first things first” everything will fall into place just like dominoes.

PS: when you meet a target, pass a tough exam, meet someone you like, realize that you love someone; remember the feeling? Well heaven feels like that and so so much more, ask Lazarus; the feeling was so overwhelming, he would have given the rich fool a taste of It if permitted; heaven is real and so is hell!!!! Remain an ambassador for Christ; he loves you too much to leave you alone. Stop running the race the wrong way,

God “loves you through your good and bad and he won’t erase your future because of your past” – J. Moss (Good and Bad)

Happy new year once again and it’s really good to be back


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