Get Creative

How far are you willing to go?
Some people are really competitive…arggghh, some journalist don’t know when to let go *persky things*, some bosses don’t know when more becomes too much *annoyingly so* I know how these can feel but sometimes: a healthy competition as a drive, a little more sinking of your teeth into the piece of information you have, a little more push from your comfort zone is what is needed to get you there. I hope we have figured out that I don’t mean you should take me on this literally. I mean when we pray and want something from God or are just in awe and want to give him praise; it’s refreshing to think deeply and find creative ways to commune with God, sometimes kneeling down and saying thank you can be a bore and routinely and sincerely purely religious; here are some suggestions: go bungee jumping just to know and appreciate the feeling of falling off the cliff with God holding you back, or sky diving so that you will understand what the bible meant when David said: “under his wings will I trust”, or go gliding so that you will understand that though you may fall, you will not get hurt…ok so enough of the extreme sports; why not think up your ways, push your creativity a bit and praise God unapologetically, with careless abandon that will make God giggle with excitement, please don’t praise God like it’s a business meeting or a funeral *rolling my eyes*, when you are asking God for something and you have the scriptures to back it up; please I pray thee,  sink your teeth like a journalist, wrestle with God like Jaco…sorry Israel did and do not let it go till you get it. It is a new year, new beginnings and stronger faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, Israel and Temitayo, he has done greater things, your case is not a tough cookie to crumble.

PS: this particular post is a subset of the FIRST THINGS FIRST, it’s just proving stubborn….have fun


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