So much more in the box

Just when you think you have committed the worst attrocity and you cannot be forgiven, you get a timely message from God that “i will take you back”, really what more do you

I have done a lot of things in my life that i am not proud of; not the extremely negative things but somethings i wish i did not do, sometimes i feel so dirty that i find it really difficult to pray. Have you ever been in that situation and felt that way? Well, that is one of the many lies the devil wants you to believe; that and some more that i will be focusing on every week in the month of March, so i am advising you to look forward and subscribe for free notifications, i sure hope we all get encouraged in the process…. meanwhile let us get down to this month’s write up.

As a child i learnt that faith is the substance of thing hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, i took it as a child and believed it so much that i will have a fever and still tell all around me that i am strong rather than ill, as i grew up, mostly in my teens, i was like faith is telling God you are my parking point-if you don’t do this i am really screwed. Some people saw me as a happy-go-lucky girl, others saw me as a risky human being to be with…..well, i really do not blame anyone of them, what i simply believed was: i have invested into the “God-i-believe” company and you stick to what you have invested in and believe in its growing tendencies. Now as a young adult, i believe that faith is putting all your eggs in God’s basket and counting your blessings before they hatch. Contrary to the wordly belief that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket and you don’t count your chicks before they hatch, it made me understand that faith doesn’t operate with the laws of the world. If I must please God, I must have faith (my bible tells me so “without faith it is impossible to please God”). The mistake we make mostly is try to help God with the charts, trying to guess who he will use to bring to pass your will (which most likely isn’t his will), we try to use human wisdom to guess the next move of ultimate wisdom……that won’t just work!!!!!!!! That’s why the bible says he uses the foolish things of the world to get the wise dumbfounded.

I am not claiming to have faith all the time, I have my moments when I feel my faith isn’t up to it, especially when  from all calculations the only end result is having to fall short….I remember when I was looking for a job, I had my faith seriously tried, I felt like it’s not possible to get a particular job based on it’s entrance exams……..I had to be conscious of my actions in other not to jeopardise the mustard seed faith I had, I had to follow some steps which I feel is very important in expressing our utmost trust in God; here are they:

It is really baffling the way we use our mouth to bring down ourselves; I remember when I wrote a difficult exam and all that saved my mustard seed faith was my mouth.. God knows what he was saying when he said “death and life are in the power of the tongue” if something is as powerful as to have power over life and death, that means it is a big deal. You can’t claim you have faith and speak against what you believe the next minute. Don’t be unstable as the sea. If you were so smart why are you in the situation you are. I am not telling you that you shouldn’t talk, but when you begin to pull down every prayer point you have prayed with your mouth so what’s the point ?????? That is where my next point comes in

The time you are wasting getting all worried, spend that same time reading his word. The bible knows that it is very important to keep still that’s why there are biblical references telling you to be still……..imagine trying to create something beautiful and the person you’re creating it for keeps asking: “what are you doing? What are you making? Why are you doing it this way?” And so much more; thankful that God is not man because I would have dropped what I was creating out of exasperation. I remember as a child, whenever I went to my hairdresser with a definite style and how I wanted her to make my hair, she does it “just alright”; however, if I go to her telling her “aunty Rhoda, I don’t know what style to do but I trust you will do a fine hair” she feels I trust her to do something really nice and sometimes she outdoes herself. My point is that keep still, read the scriptures, understand God’s dedication to your happiness, when praying about the things you’re faithing about; use his word back at him. A lawyer feels more confident when he makes citations from his law books even his learned colleagues nod in approval that he is prepared. We get God’s attention when  we bring back his living word as a backing to our prayers, it even help us avoid praying amiss

There is nothing as potent as thanks giving, showing gratitude to the God who can choose to be indifferent for your concerns yet still cares for you in shocking intimate details. In thanking God you are taking the it-is-finished approach, telling God that you’re moving to the next one because you don’t just believe he is doing it, you trust that he has done it. For men thanks giving is appreciating what has been done, it is deeper than that for God, it means acknowledging who he is as the God of no impossibility, you are simply telling God that you still love him and he is still God whether or not he does it. Violent faith triggers violent praise, arterial from the time of John the Baptist the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force.

In conclusion, there is more to faith than believing God can do what you are expecting him to do, it is trusting that God knows exactly what is best for you….asking for a  $10 bill when God knows you deserve a $100 bill. Don’t short change yourself by thinking God cannot do it, remember the way Peter let down his NET when God told him to let down his NETS and that resulted to his net breaking. Open yourself for God’s blessing without limitation, its downright insulting to put God in a box……..

Have a great month ahead. Kindly forward to those you think might need it. In case you need to connect with me, my twitter handle is @taydumade


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