Unworthy yet not worthless

In my february entry this month *winks*, i realised that people are suffering from unworthiness, am i worth salvation? Are my sins worth forgiving? Do i deserve to be loved by this high and mighty God? This questions make us falter in our walk with God as it creates a gap between the father and his beloved children….so i will be posting weekly, some things we need to learn about unworthiness and i sure hope we encourage ourselves……

This week Funto Oni, a fellow lover of God and a grace walker will be sharing her views on this theme, i decided not to edit any write-up so that the message will not be mis construed…..iFunto Oni is a living proof that we can be fashionably God loving, please read up, thank you:

Being unworthy and being worthless are two different things. However, we have confused these words and use them interchangeably.“Unworthy” is failing to live up to requirements.  If you fail to study for an exam, you do not deserve a high grade. You are unworthy of reward when you fail to do what is reward-worthy.  You do not deserve God to reward you when, through sin, you’ve done nothing to deserve that reward.

That is what it means to be unworthy.  Your merits fall short.  You are unworthy to be honored (Rom 4:4).To be worthless, however, is quite different.  While being unworthy is about our merits, being worthless is about our value, just like failing an exam does not make you worthless.

The distance between unworthy merit and worthless value is like the distance between east and west.I read about this “worm theology” a while ago, the belief that we are all worms unworthy of God’s attention. God’s forgiveness implies that God loves us and wants to continue in relationship with us no matter what we’ve done. When we think about this possibility, we may find it impossible to imagine (that’s also what makes it good news). Sometimes God’s love and forgiveness are so hard to fathom. It is our acceptance of God’s forgiveness that makes the process complete. God forgives us no matter what and there’s nothing we can do to induce or prevent that. But it is in conquering our fear that God won’t love us anymore if we confess what God already knows, that forgiveness takes root. We are unworthy, but not worthless. We are worthwhile and loved, no matter what we do. God loves the unworthy and teaches us how to see one another beyond what we deserve. 

The divorced man,
the promiscuous woman,
the prideful pastor or the addicted teen… 

Their deeds may be unworthy of our attention, but they are valuable enough to be loved; unworthy yet not worthless.  Jesus did not come for the worthless.  He came for the unworthy. For you. And for me.


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