You are that precious and that broken!!!!

Happy new month!!!!

In the month of march, I had feature writers write about unworthiness but not worthless, they in their words explained being unworthy of God’s love……I must say, I learnt a lot.

Happy birthday to you: kemi Fatogun, Motunrayo Osuntuyi, Goke Adetoro, Oluwatosin Akingbulu, Bisi, Francis, Moradeyo, Funto Oni (one of my feature writers), lola Agbaje-williams,  you are all really special to me.

It all started with an insightful good Friday, I had the time to think it through, how much God must love me to go through all these humiliation from a heaven-reject (the devil), just to prove a point to me; the point being; he loves me beyond death.

I had a reason to explain what happened on the Saturday of Easter (the transactions that probably went on after Jesus said it is finished on earth) to my baby brother; that only re-emphasized how much God loves me. Yes he died, but have we really given much thought to the whole collection of the key of death and hell that was done when he died for my sins? I could just imagine how smug Satan felt when Jesus died on the cross; how he must have thought he had the last laugh, no one could have sacrificed himself for undeserving individuals, yet God did it without a second thought. He knows the end from the begining and as at the time Jesus volunteered himself for me and you, there was no me and you, there was no sign of how bad it will be, the all knowing God knew what would happen, how it will happen but still volunteered. Often times when I volunteer for stuffs, I volunteer rather blindly and that is my excuse when things go awry; but this love he has for me is quite intimidating because he knew I will not appreciate it.

I want to use this opportunity to thank God for making me me (in kiddies praise voice), I want to thank him for ensuring I passed all my papers of my proffessional exams, I am shouting God’s fame. I am dedicating this paragraph in my life to thanking God, when you read this, please pause and reflect on your life and how God has shown himself in your life.

Do we look at the easter period as just another public holiday? Or do we know the value of the death and resurrection of Jesus that we have termed easter?  There are times we think we are unpardonable,  we have strayed so far that we do not even know how to get back, I have had my moments too. I am a living proof that what he did on the cross of calvary is genuine. I wonder how precious one must be to give up your most precious property as a tradeoff, God really loves me is what comes to my mind, then I think that we have been given the same capacity to love back that much…… God does not desire much from us, yet we deny him that little he asks from us. Doubting that capacity? Let’s take a stroll back to Abraham’s time, God asked him to sacrifice the only son they had waited forever to have, with no reason, Abraham without question prepared everything and set off to sacrifice isaac, sometimes I feel that was the time the decision was made that Jesus will go ahead and be the sacrificial lamb for us………how did isaac feel knowing he was the lamb, yet he still loved, obeyed and even respected his father’s God that gave his father the instruction to kill him…ponder on these things.

Sometimes in our lives, things don’t just add up, a simple 2+2= -59 and you are like, “I’m way off”, it takes blind trust, loving the same God who loved you enough to die for your sins, even though we were instructed not to taste sin which we did by partaking of the forbidden fruit (whether we deny it or not we were all in adam and eve as at the time the sin was committed). So this month I am writing you to trust the God who did the unthinkable even when we did not ask him, so that we can come to the throne room boldly.

I was in my room one day, there was no light, I thought the fan was turned on, so I’m like when they bring the light I will know, I went about my business, with earplugs and music playing, at a point I switched off my phone to save the battery, since there was “no light”, I was prompted by the holyspirit (that one I am sure) to remove the plugs and listen, I realized that there was light and when I checked, there had been for a while…….What’s my point you might ask, through that singular act, I learnt so many things: that most times we assume God’s plan for us, sometimes our timing and God’s time are not in sync and we need to synchronize ours’ with God’s, further learnt that sometimes we need to stop and ……listen: what is God saying, what word is for us or for our neighbour, what am I not hearing, what is not right, what is true and what is just in our head…. we go on with things and we don’t even realise that we are changed, we are free and no longer slave to sin.

The easter days might have passed and the public holiday gone, I will just like you to pause, remove your earplugs and understand what Jesus dying on the cross means to you!!! Is it just a public holiday, a tripps period, a mere dying on a wood (afteral those two thieves died too) or you see something deeper. Easter means a lot to me, the reason why I am not scared when I find myself in a situation, the reason why I ask for forgiveness of sins I commit and sure that I have been forgiven, the reason why I have faith in God, the reason why i should be proud to be an advertisement for christ, the reason I can pray in conversation with God, the reason why I am me…. easter is the foundation of my being a christian amongst other reasons…… find your reason and feel free to communicate that to me. No one said you should be perfect, your perfect God has done all that already… one said you can’t come to God,  just come to God even when you feel you smell like smoke. Have a great rest of month and ponder on these things……

“Without Easter, Christmas would be useless” -Akinade Ibuoye (GAISE)

“No other person’s death ever caused the thickest veil to tear or ever caused an emergency earthquake or immediate weather change, his death did that and his resurrection did much more” -Temitayo Odumade (taemytayo)


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