The thank-full pill

It is too late to say Happy new month, it will no longer be fresh……. I really need to work on my timing

Happy birthday to my friends whose birthdays fell in this month of May, Chisom Chris-Nwoji, Atinuke Jolaoso (stimulant of life), Cyril Onih (manager of life), Steven Imuze, Obiageli  Nwokoro,Lanre Kassim (Friend of life), Bukola Oshoniyi (school sister). I sure hope you guys had and will have fun.

This month four years ago, God fought for me, he made the part in Psalm 23 (“….though I walk through the valley of shadow of death, I fear no evil…”) real to me *sighs* he really did that for me. This month every year feels like another birthday to me, because it was in this month I understood what genuine love and desperate love is……..

Have you ever taken time out in your seemingly busy schedule to reflect; no not those brief flashbacks but to think back, taking popcorn and Pepsi with you in the process? If yes, I am sure you will at a point say “Lord you just have been faithful, thank you”, if no, then you need to.

There is a reason David was a man after God’s heart, even with all the sin he committed, God still loved him and cared deeply for him. He was a grateful soul, most of part of the book of psalm is thanking God for this and praising God for that; acknowledging God’s faithfulness here and there too. The core of every Christian ought to be gratitude, ever thought about the whole salvation process? If you can’t be grateful for that then, sorry you are……

Thanks giving sure does wonder, biblically and in this present generation, let us go through a brief journey together (looking up at an imaginary memory bubble):

·         The leper that came back to say thank you: It is one thing to be healed and it is a whole new level to be made whole;  who remembered the other 9 that were healed but did not give thanks. It is okay, they must have showed themselves to the priests and finally allowed to live with normal people but they were not celebrated like that one leper who came back and gave thanks…he is now a point of contact (when I pray, I sometimes say:  “like that one leper, I am here to give thanks”) when you give thanks in this manner you are not just showing appreciation to God but you are in awe, that he would do that just for you. This has passed believe but has transcended to trust…..who wouldn’t like that?

·         The miracles that caused men to wonder: I have always been a firm believer of leadership by example, Jesus displayed that when he needed to perform a miracle, look at when he needed to feeding of the 5,000 men (without counting women and children) in John 6 as well as that miracle that brought tears to Jesus; when he Lazarus was raised from the death in John 11. Going through this miraculous examples it shows that with great affection comes great thanksgiving.

·         David’s thankful heart: He thanked God like no other and God loved him like no other. He was a man of praiseful lips and in return he got God’s heart. I imagine that David thanked God with as much ease as stretching is when you wake up and with enough detail to let you know it is a well thought of praise. Such freshness needs to be emulated.

·         Taemytayo’s thankful thought: Every year I thank God for what he did for me in 2009, but asides that I am always grateful for what I have, God is the reason why it is not worse. Stealing a line from Kirk Franklin’s – it could have been me:

                                                “It could have been me, with no clothes, no shoes and no food to eat”

Let your case be one of:

                                                “Too good to stop now father, I want to give you thanks some more”

As we sail through this month of May, let us have the understanding that praise and a thankful heart should be the order of your life. You can ask amiss, you can pray amiss but you can never praise amiss. Shake off the spirit of heaviness by taking a daily – hourly –minutely – secondly pill of praise. Remember thank God in understanding and not just because you like the beat, or it sounds like one of the latest secular musical; that is why when its  thanksgiving sundays in church, they start with teachings on thanksgiving… is not a dancing competition….praise God with reckless abandon…..take a cue from king David and the ark of covenant.

Have a fabulous rest of month. And let your thankfulness make someone jealous 🙂


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