YOU + HIM = US this June

It has been an interesting month I must say; with testimonies abound…… I am grateful to God for being faithful even in our unfaithfulness.

Happy birthday to my dear friends born in the month of June, they have a striking trait, they are all very nice people. A very happy birthday to my wonderful cousin, yes this is for you….Happy birthday Adeola Elizabeth Sarpong (hope I spelt it well) nee Ojo, happy birthday Oluwaseun Ibikunle, you are one constant friend. I pray that the Lord will make you indeed advertisement for Christ. I want to use this medium to congratulate GAISE on winning best new artiste, you are a star and shining is your job description.

I had partial writer’s block if I may add, I had different things that inspired me between the last write up and this month’s entry. I was going to settle and write on something different; then it struck me, on my way to work and looking out from the bus…. This month, I am writing about RELATIONSHIPS.

In life, there are different relationships, the good, the bad and the ugly…oh and the very best. I am still learning in the relationship aspects, I am no teacher in that area but I would like to share what I understand about relationships….we may not share the same opinions but hey!!!! It’s my blog *wink*

In relationships you: respect people’s feelings, you fight, you laugh and amongst other things, you are yourself. There are some people I see, I just know that these ones are faithful to their partners…it’s in their blood, others, you are like they will not deliberately cheat but when pushed…oh well, then there are some who can’t endure and at the slightest provocation are out.

I am not here to discuss relationships and cheating partners, I am here to talk about our walk with GOD. One question though? Would you walk out of something you really believe in? Would you turn away from what you are passionate about, even at your inconvenience?  I don’t know about you, but I will not. If we believe in our relationship with God, why then don’t we fight for it, or why don’t we work at making it work. Most times when we are down and feeling unworthy of God’s love we just give the devil the upper hand by letting go…we let go, not because we don’t know we are in the wrong but because of the helpless feeling that what we have done in the past is not writing-off!!! Well news flash—-God isn’t one bound by human emotions; and please let him do the judging.

Personally I feel when I am not chastised by God it is because he has given up on me, afteral the bible states that….those he loves, he chastises. It sometimes doesn’t come to my mind that God is God and how he chooses to react is entirely his choosing. Sometimes it pays for you to come to your senses and not have it pointed to you by someone else. If you feel God has given up on you and you just can’t go back to where you have fallen…the whole Revelation 2:4-5 drill…then try crawling or dragging back to where you fell from, at least you are moving towards God and not away.

Ephesians 2:8 “…for it is by grace we are saved…”  taking us back to relationships, when we are in a relationship with God, it should be enjoyed, marvelled upon and loving like any other relationship we may have with someone we love, just with a little more intensity. The way we ladies react when the love of our life proposes to marry us…we are surprised, afraid and a little in shock, even though you might have talked about it from time to time…the way the guys prepare to propose to the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with; the thoughtfulness, memories you reflect on, the future you see with her and the terrifying minutes of what-ifs that comes to your mind, even though you have a pretty good idea of how she feels about you…..yes those feelings all meshed up together should be there with your relationship with God. The feeling of surprise, that a God so invincible will love you with so much detail ….yes that much detail as to know each strand of hair on your body; afraid that you might take his love for granted because his grace is always there for you, afraid that you might wake up one day and realize that you aren’t worth being loved so much to have a lot sacrificed just to spend time with you …yes, he sacrificed that one precious and only son just to be with you and to have a direct relationship with you and not through the priest; remember the tearing of the thickest veil in the temple when Jesus was sacrificed on the cross. The thoughtfulness inspired by the time you spend in God’s presence, when you don’t want to leave (the good news is that you don’t have to leave), the beauty when you realize that you can read the love letters (the bible) from God and see different meanings, even when you are reading the same page of the thoughtfully written love letter; it could be the memories of times when things were not so complicated when the love was pure and undiluted by life’s distracting issues. It could be the future you don’t want without having God there; how do you think eternity will be without the God-factor there? *shivers* I can’t bear to think such thoughts.

Today being the last day of June, I would love us to reflect on our relationship with God, if God feels I am worth fighting for, then why can’t I fight for my God; it is afteral a RELA-TION-SHIP why can’t you be as crazy about him (God) as he is obviously about you?  There are times when the going is not so smooth and you feel you don’t understand how he works…if it works, you could ask God for clarification …James 1:5 “if anyone lacks wisdom he should ask….”, that God will give you clarification shows he is eager to make “US” (YOU + HIM) work. There are sometimes you might have cheated on him, hurt his feelings, he even spotted that example, “…my ears are not too heavy to hear neither is my hand too short to save but your iniquity has come between you and me…”  he also threw us a life-line in Isaiah 1:18;”come let us reason together…”  

I have decided, I really want to make us work, I really want that free-spirited unencumbered guilt-less relationship with God, you have to decide, is this what you want? Are you ready to work at it, at making US (remember the equation) work? Then go right in and remember His grace is more than sufficient …he has already proposed, he is with the ring….just say yes and plan the wedding and look forward to the eternity called marriage.

Enjoy the beautiful month called July!!!!!!!


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