The letter

Things happen, people fight, people reconcile, words are exchanged, and meanings interpreted, people give birth, people die, life goes on. There is one thing constant though…..GOD IS GOOD 
and HE LOVES US EVERYDAY of these events.

Happy birthday to my wonderful friends, Ore Bankole, Odi (president of life), Adun Oni, Ayoade Ajisegiri, Favour Ibokette, Omotara Kara, Oluwatobi Taiwo, congratulations to Ore Bankole, L.A.W. (Lola Agbake-Williams) and Funsol on becoming or soon to become a Mrs; congratulations to Toyin Arimoro on experiencing the beauty of being a mother of Oluwashindara;  I am constantly surrounded by testimonies.

It is beautiful to have friends who love God so much, it is palpable; it helps you find new ways to loving and expressing your love for me. This brings to mind Funto Oni, my First feature writer….she has a book now, titled: BEAUTIFIED: it is indeed a wonderful book, a must-get for everyone.

This entry is about someone I love so much, the most beautiful song ever sung, the most wonderful name ever named, the greatest artist

ever known. Love to me is more than a statement, it is an expression wordy and action filled…..what does love mean to you.

I love you could be mere words, how else can you make the person believe you?

Dear Love,
 I was going to be all artistic and start with the colour of the rainbow reflecting the different shades that could come out of the sun or the rains with its different intensity expression the depth and strength of your love, I was even thinking as far as the countries with exciting weather change (Summer, Spring, Autumn or even Winter) describing the various degrees of your love…….was thinking so much, how I can express my love for you sounding like those really poetic people, or great artists or even musicians. I realized they must have experienced you in different ways and expressed their love in a way unique to them yet acceptable to all…so this is me, with my basic imagination, telling you how much I love you.

I really don’t know how other people wake up, but I love how you wake me up, there are days when I wake up in an instant (like a jolt of black coffee), there are other times I wake up or more like I ease into waking up (like savoring the aroma of a cooking meal), in all there’s that uniqueness that warms my heart. I love you for being there for me even before I ever imagined that I needed you, and just like Eric McDaniel, J. Hairston and Minon Bolton, I am saying…..I AM GRATEFUL.

I have often wondered how I can accurately describe how much I know you love me (which is not accurate) and I end up with a headache’s shadow, so I am content with loving you and knowing how to express it. Expressing my love for you and gratitude is like singing unsung melodies, better pouring out my heart by speaking in tongues, you definitely understand.

I was alright with life…you loved,
I was broken hearted…you still loved,
I was ill and going crazy….you still loved me desperately,
I neglected you, did things I am not entirely proud of… did not love me less,
I was feeling high and Pharisee-like….you still love me

I may not have the best of words or the most touching lyrics, or the best art work expressing how much I love you, I have come to realize that you would accept the love, not because you are desperate but you love me so much that my feeble attempts in showing how much I love you touches you.

Here I am cap-in-hand, saying I love you beyond my imagination can let me for now, I love for every time I err you correct me in your way (in the way that works at the time), I love that you love me too much to give me too much. I love you and I intend to be more expressive. I am desperately in love with you Lord that I am going to attempt to be artistic in my words, but words could be cheap……I am going to work at being more expressive; here is my attempt:

My love for you is like the sunset over the seas, it’s not orange, it’s not purple, it could be described but better experienced…as beautiful as that is, it comes to naught compared to your love for me.

I was taught to look before I leap, but with you I will leap and still not look, my love for you enables me to trust you absolutely, even when it’s against the norm

There are times when my love for you brings butterflies to my belly, other times it brings clarity, I love that I am not helpless, love that you let me fall in love with you and not force me to love you even though its within your capacity.

Concluding this entry, I have come to realize that I cannot express my love for you without talking about your love for me, the truth is; you first love me. I wish I had an artist who can paint what I feel inside, I wish I had a camera that can capture how much I love you, I wish I had a lyricist to describe how much I love you and how much I want to love you Lord. The truth is; you know how much I love you because you are all those things I wished I had to express my true feelings; now I am content, knowing that even more than I have admitted to myself, you know my true feelings….that’s one more thing I love about you. With you, I am not in love with the idea of being in love; I know that I am in love with you.
Yours faithfully
Taemytayo (the one who loves you)

I have tried to express my love for God but I keep running in circles, take a break from your busy or laid back schedule and express your love for your creator; it helps put things in perspective. I look forward to the next entry

Remember: He first loved you……………..*cheers* to the “….ber” month


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