More than a Christmas Carol

Merry Christmas everyone,  my reserved apologies goes to my readers, those expecting posts from me and were disappointed these past months.

Happy birthday to me and all my friends who were a year younger in the months of my absence,  the Lord will increase you and help you grow from strength to strength.

Today being Christmas,  I am featuring the winner of the inaugural Isele spoken word competition. Oluwatosin Akingbulu, a friend of mine, is a young talented writer cutting across different genres and leaving her mark, a lover of God with a character worth emulating.  She teaches us sometime different about Christmas with her poem,  I learnt that you don’t only receive, you give what you have been given. The lessons from this poem I tagged “more than a Christmas Carol” vary fron the angle you’re standing, sitting or looking at.


Day One:

He sent me a basketful of lemons
And a note:
“When life stones you with lemons, I’ll be right there with you, peeling and squeezing Till we have a huge jar of lemonade  

Day Two:

A bouquet of red roses with prickly stalks And a note:
“Do not focus on the thorns The view is always beautiful from the top.”  

Day Three:

A ring studded with sapphire
And a note:
“This is a promise. My love for you is eternal.”  

Day Four:

A velvet sari, a tiara
And a note:
“Because you are my princess.”    

Day Five:

A sparkling pendant
And a note:
“As this gleams on your chest, remember that you are the light of my world.”  

Day Six:

A tube of honey and cherry flavoured lip gloss
And a note:
“That the words that flow out of those luscious lips May be that of grace and healing.”  

Day Seven:

Balloons in all colours of the rainbow
And a note:
“As you soar high, you bring colour to my world.”  

Day Eight:

A jar of oil

No note.  

Day Nine:

A bag of the finest flour

No note.    

Day Ten:

A huge jar of honey

No note.  

Day Eleven


No note.  

Day Twelve:


I wiggled out of boredom
Made cupcakes for every kid that peeked through my window
And it all began to make sense  
In all the days that followed
I read notes in the faces of delighted kids In the tear-glassed eyes of the beggar down the street
And each day, for twelve months of the year I gave a child a Christmas cupcake Because really, Christmas goes beyond a few twelve days.”

It’s really more than two turtle doves, how  have you used what you have been given? Are you waiting for a cup cake to add to the list or you’ve reasoned out the silence?

Merry Christmas with love taemytayo…….


One thought on “More than a Christmas Carol

  1. Truth. Its time to shift focus from expecting a gift and looking under the tree but being the gift to as many come by me…sprinkle a bit of love this season.



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