Is your God private?

2014 is just a breath away, I was wondering how many of us had our heart desires fulfilled in this great year. A lot of people died; simply put, a lot of young people died in this great year of 2013, it was like the old people were spared….so here I am thanking God for sparing my family, friends and I.


On November 3rd, there was a partial solar eclipse at my end, it was also my birthday (yeah thanks, happy birthday to me); I expected fanfare, cakes, visits, gifts etc.; but I got none. I was a bit annoyed to be sincere, one thing that was constant was the amount of prayers I got that day; GOSH!!! It more than made up for the disappointment.


How many times have we expected stuff from God and gotten disappointed or delayed; how many times have we seemingly waited for that miracle and gotten our hopes dashed? I have been in such situations, though while in them, I am prickly, frustrated and somewhat angry, once the phase has passed, I am grateful for the lessons in the storm. My advice for this coming year is to learn to walk with God’s plan, be patient with what he has in stock for you and ask God for the lessons in the storm and the message in the silence.


One question: “Is your love for God private?”


Please do not be in a haste to answer the questions until you consider some of the pointers to your answer.


As Christians how do we behave outside, do we show love or do we show indifference? Are we bothered when we see things that are not Godly? Are we passionate about who we claim to love? According to the bible, when Jesus came to earth to live his exemplary life, he was passionate about his father’s house and kingdom, he refused to be intimidated by his birthing circumstances or the wealthy Pharisees and Sadducees, he simply expressed his love for God. He could have said I was born to a carpenter, to a mother who was pregnant before she got married, he didn’t slow down when His supposed forerunner asked if He was the one expected. No, He continued sharing his love for his father. We sometimes try to conceal our light from the world, sometimes you may feel that talking about God and your love for him in some settings is inappropriate e.g. talking about God in the office, in the bus, on outings, on team bonding’s etc. is setting-inappropriate but we are not scared to argue politics, play lewd music or send broadcasted messages advertising one business or the other.


I have seen creative advertisement and innovative business ideas, for some reasons, the creativity ends when it comes to advertising Christ, whose business should you be passionate about? in a love letter named “Matthew” Jesus himself mentioned that we should invest our treasure in heaven. When you are a stakeholder in any organization, their profit is your profit, you would definitely like to encourage people/friends to investing into a profitable business. I enjoin you that in this 2014 coming up tomorrow, you go crazy!!! Get creative and advertise Christ and the kingdom of heaven like no other year.


Reflect God in:

·         Your speech

·         Your dressing

·         Your thinking

·         Showing Love

·         Your music


God is your business, think up ideas that will move the kingdom of God forward, you’d be surprised how creative you can be.


Don’t be like the man who claims he loves his girlfriend but refuses to show her to the world or make a honest woman out of her.

Don’t claim to love God and do nothing. If he thought you are worth fighting for (the size of the fight is measured by the price to be won), then for him to have died for you shows that he believes in you and what he has deposited in you.


Have a glorious 2014, talk with you soon *winks*

I am definitely back  


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