Steering wheel or Spare Tire

Happy new year, I pray this year brings you happiness,  blessedness and peace. New year resolutions have been formed, dropped and adjusted, I perceive.

Happy birthday to my sister and friends in January, may the blessing of the first be with you.

“the power of consistent prayer is not that he will hear us, but that we will hear – William McGill

In Nigeria, several churches had their members engage in one form of prayer and fasting program or the other,  you could participate. Jesus himself said; something’s can only be tackled through prayer and fasting, I’ve had testimonies abound, it’s never too late..

“Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?” -Corrie Ten Boom

The quote above got me thinking… what type of prayer do I pray? even further, what kind of relationship with God do I have. I searched my heart and was a bit surprised at my answer,  asked my colleague who also gave me an answer. According to my colleague; he said, by default people’s prayer to God is a spare tire rather than the steering wheel and same goes with the relationship with God.


“Sometimes life feels pretty uncertain.
But I am praying that no matter how wobbly your heart feels, you will be able to relax… rest… and allow God’s patience to make you strong.  – Ellyn Sanna

Remember this song “…I am a boat and I’m tied to your wheel, I am yours, ride on my back”, it brings to thought that,  it takes total trust to give the steering wheel (the one that controls all tires) to God rather than the spare tire.

I was in a bus last week Saturday,  on third mainland bridge (Lagos, Nigeria), all of a sudden there was a loud bang in the middle of the bridge, we discovered that one of our back tires burst;  the driver expertly navigated the speeding bus from the middle lane to the last before it stopped. He got down from the bus and brought out a spare tire (which didn’t look any better) and changed the tire. It’s both a testimony and a lesson.

“Lord teach us to pray” – Luke 11.1

As Christians we often put God in the same place we put emergency funds, emergency kit, lender of last resort,  etc. this shouldn’t be so, it’s like putting the cart before the horse and this all stems down to trust. Do we trust absolutely?  Better yet, do we trust God absolutely? Do we put God first in everything because we are confident he’s got our back, or do we boot him as our spare tire. Just like Paul advised that we’re in a race, hence we should run that we may obtain.  Let’s take a look at Formula 1 (F1) racing, there’s a lot of things that go into a race, though one Important thing is the driver as well as the steering wheel, when the driver races and gets to the point of maintenance, the tires are changed due to the screeches, twists and turns necessary for the race but the steering wheel is not changed. This means for the race of life, we require a winning steering wheel, the wheel is more important than the tire. We running the race of life, the end is unsure, no doubt we would need frequent change in tires,  but let God be the steering wheel and not one of your eagerly changed tires.

“ I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. – Abraham Lincoln

This year, let us consciously decide to have God as our steering wheel, not our lender of last resort, but our go-to of first resolution. He cares deeply enough for you to take your life even more seriously than you the owner. When I stumbled on the quote and really gave it a thought, I decided to make conscious effort to meeting God in prayer for and in every situation I am; it takes the pressure off and it’s quite refreshing to know someone big got your back. Like J.moss said in his song: “God’s got it”, let’s not give God what is left of our life to work with, give him the whole of you… commit everything to God and he will definitely surprise you in ways you have no idea.

“when at night you cannot sleep, talk to the Shepherd and stop counting sheep    – Author Unknown

Happy new year and happy new month, let us live a life of prayer, putting God first before a spare or any of the tires, my advice is, put God first even before your feelings, afteral, he knows the very end from the beginning.

“God will strengthen me for a life of unceasing prayer as I walk in the light of His countenance    – Andrew Murray.

Enjoy the love of God and the one associated with this month, remain blessed and excited.


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