His Humour

*Sighs* April is here already!!! It feels like last month i said Happy new year and now I am writing for April…this 2014 means business.

Happy almost mid-month, to the Redeemed Christian Church of God family, congratulations on the completion of the 100 days prayer and fasting. i have noticed some changes in some of my friends, well to me, i guess i just trimmed down physically but spiritually i am bursting to the seams with testimonies. My God is really faithful.

“Always be in a state of expectancy, and see that you leave room for God to come in as He likes.” – Oswald Chambers 

Happy birthday to those who celebrated their birthdays in the month of February (Funmi Ishie, Fope Osewa, Ademola Owolabi, Bukky Akinbode, Ibukun Balogun), those who celebrated in March (Susan Emmanuel, Tosin Akingbulu, Ikeoluwa) and finally those that celebrated and would celebrate their birthdays in April (Goke Adetoro, Femi Afolabi, Motunrayo, Kemi Samuel, Olawale Samuel, Ifeoma Ezeh) amongst others. Congrats to the new mothers that happen to be my friends in these past mothers, may your Joy know no bounds and may the Lord grant you the grace and wisdom to be outstanding parents in Jesus name (Amen).

I am an evidence that God works, God has made me a testifier as a result of the just concluded 100 days prayer and fasting, ranging from healing, divine favour to promotion in the right place….”the Lord has done great things for them wherefore we are glad…”

This month I would love for us to take time out from our busy schedule and enjoy God’s humour. Sometimes I think we take life too seriously, we try to meet target, try to surpass our peers, try to accomplish things that we forget to smell the roses, enjoy the sun, watch the sunset and most of all, we forget to drop everything at God’s feet and watch him act.

I would be the first to agree with anyone that says that God is not a jester, but would disagree with any one that says the ALMIGHTY CREATOR does not have a sense of humor; sometimes i wonder how he does things; He uses the seeming foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

Let’s take a look at the house of Pharoah; he wanted to reduce the population of the Israelites, killed the boys, yet he raised the deliverer of Israel in his lofty palace….(the All-Seeing God would have chuckled), imagine what they must have been feeling when Moses came back with the anointing of God in him and delivered Israel…..#EpicHeartbreak

Looking at Joseph the dreamer, oh how smug the brothers must have felt when they sold him out and he, betrayed, yet he was a piece in the famine puzzle to ensure that the seed of Jacob whom Jesus would later spring from did not starve to death. The brothers wouldn’t have known they were investing into their future.

Fastforward to the “Jericho-wall” prostitute RAHAB, that singular act of kindness, was a move to shame the “blue-bloods” Jesus came to save the world with a tainted lineage.

Skipping over to Solomon; David was afteral married to Saul’s daughter and other wives, but who pleased God so much that God gave a blank check?…it was the son of the adultry-acquired wife.

Then there was PAUL THE APOSTLE; the very one who wrote those heartfelt letters, the very one who praised down a well-guarded prison, yes, the one who said all his work is not really an achievement, the passionate one who dedicated his life to God’s work, yes! The very same one; who would have thought he would be so passionate about the very same person he sought to persecute; remember, he held the clothes of those that stoned Stephen and watched, i want to believe with smugness or glee, no one dared to go to him to evangelize, but Jesus did, stepped in and changed everything.

While we go about worrying about what’s working in our life and what is not, it is important to know that God is always there, ready to make sense of your nonsense. He knows the end from the begining, who better to navigate your life than the Omniscient God? Understand that no matter how bad you think things are, God cares about you too much to leave you in the state/shape you are in. I want you to stop depending on miserable hills and start looking to Jesus for everything. He told us through David’s psalm that mountains skip like rams and hills like little lambs, so why look to something that holds no water.

Let us go back to the reason we were created, for a relationship with God and let the manufacturer of your life worry about the product; If God sees you are worth His Only Son dying, then you better ensure you start acting your worth.

This month that is the essence of Christianity, I, Temitayo Omowunmi Faith Odumade is identfying with the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to start acting my worth by improving my relationship with God, let him take the wheel while i enjoy the view; I want to appreciate God’s humour by understanding that every single thing I am going through, he understands and knows the best route to the plans he has for me.It takes total trust to appreciate the humour in whatever you are going through, so i choose to trust God totally in all my pending prayer request, appreciating Him that he loves me to give my life more than a passing glance but an active role.

“I came so they can have real and eternal life, more andbetter life than they ever dreamed of” – John 10:10 (The Message translation)

In conclusion, smell the roses, enjoy the sunset, feel the grace in the wind, enjoy his committment to beautifying your life in the lilies of the field, the majestic splendor the animals, his detailing in your creation.

Happy Salvation is more appropriate to me than Happy Easter…God bless you and yours.

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I see the month of May sneaking in.


4 thoughts on “His Humour

  1. Great note you have here. Its inspiring and deep. Good Job T. See you have a very great future to look forward to because you are a great success already in Jesus name. Amen. Keep me posted on more of your posts.


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