Let It Go…World Cup Edition

Happy May, glad to be in June…

The world cup is almost here, wearing green, white and orange, yes, I am rooting for Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

These days I wake up super excited, exceptionally grateful to God for the gift of life, happy to be amongst the world’s population; long and short, these days i am a very excited sombori.

I have a lot to be grateful for; can you remember that list you compiled with such thoughtfulness, careful arrangement? Yeah, the very one you wrote some times with tear-stained cheeks? That Oh-so important prayer point list. Have you like the lepers checked your skin if you have been healed, in my term, have you checked the prayer list and cancel out the one God has done? If no, please do; I checked my skin recently and saw that I had been healed, my prayer point pinned to my wardrobe is almost exhausted.

I want to thank God for making me a human resource professional with a professional diploma to back it up, you also see the title ACIPM with my name, yeah the official induction was in May and God did it!!!! My one and only wonderful sister married her heartthrob in the same May; and God showed himself awesome, my younger brother graduated from high school with a scholarship to college, it was definitely God’s doing, I was officially baptized by immersion after years of one obstacle or the other (yes, i publicly identified with the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ), so yes, i am super-duper excited. Happy birthday to Chisom Chris-Nwoji, Lanre Kassim, Kola Odumade, Elizabeth Adeola Sarpong (hope i spelt it correctly) nee Ojo, Tope Tedela, Oluwaseun Ibikunle, may the Lord continually bless you and yours in Jesus name.
This month, I am letting go…
Remember Toby Mac’s lyrics:
    “I’m letting go of everything i am,
     I’m holding on to everything you are…..”

When I was having my baptismal class, I was taught a lot of things I took for granted as a Christian, amongst these things was letting go of besetting sins and bad habits. When my sister was packing her stuffs getting ready for her marriage, she asked me if I needed something’s she considered important before, while I collected some, she gave some out to charity and threw some sentimental things away. What she really did was let go.
As Christians we need to constantly clean house, unclutter our lives with things that are not important, let go of grieves. Imagine working with Microsoft outlook, where your mail box has a  maximum limit, once your mail box is full, you would be unable to send things out, you would also be unable to receive more information, so messages are rejected as (mailbox full) and your messages out would be pending in your outbox. We learn different things but we keep it within, without sharing to the world, that testimony of how the Lord helped you out, the acknowledgement of the leading of the Holy spirit, the singing of praises out in form of songs, the screenshots of the bible passage that ministered to you etc.

It’s time to let go of lifestyles that does not edify God’s kingdom, any lifestyle that does no proclaim God’s presence in your life, then let that lifestyle go; do you have any character trait that make people wonder if you are a Christian? Do you have past hurts that’s still have major shares in your heart, some pending forgiveness? Do you have files for blackmail; it’s time to let go for real, it’s really refreshing to do so; the truth about this, it would help you more than God, so don’t think you are doing God a favour. Imagine if the disciples didn’t forgive Apostle Paul for ordering and holding the clothes of Stephen’s killers? God would still have used him anyways.

Always be in a state of expectancy and see that you leave room for God to come in as He likes – Oswald Chambers
I have taken a page from my book and I have decided to let go and make room for God to do wonders in my life, like the song states: “…I want to be more like You; I want to be a vessel you work through…”
Take a mirror (your bible) and live a Godly life, you can’t go wrong doing God’s will, and no better live-in manual a Christian can live with but the bible, the way manuals have translations…GB, FR, CH, RU etc. with countries languages, this manual also have different translation to enable you identify with some of the terms, I personally use The message translation. Dare to be unique, pick a bible, read, meditate and fashion your life after it.

Steep your life in God-reality, God –initiative, God-provisions, don’t worry about missing out, you’ll find al your everyday concerns will be met.-  Matthew 6:33 The Message Translation
Have a wonderful rest of month…..

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