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Happy new half of the year…..and I am one happy and grateful bunny *winks*
Remember the part in Psalms where you have “…the Lord has done great things, the Lord has done great things wherefore we are glad”  that’s been my story.
Each day,  when I wake up, God takes me through the day teaching me of His love, from favour in the workplace to peace at the home front…so yes,  I am one grateful bunny.
It’s a new half of the year,  have you done your half-year personal appraisal? Yes I mean that precious list you committed to, the first day of the year.
Today, Sunday July 5, 2015, we discussed the end time and it got me thinking… “what category of end-timer am I:
  1.  the sign watcher?
  2. the gospel spreader?
  3. the sign ensurer?
  4. or the me and my own?
I know some of the category listed above isn’t correct English (it does the job) before you jump into conclusion picking your category,  let me break them down to you:
  • The Sign Watcher:
    Just like the name, all they look for is the “signs” of the end-time. It’s like they have a check list, is there rumours of war or war, they run to their beloved list and tick it, is there an earthquake? Oh dear let me tick. This category of people live by the signs, don’t get me wrong, they  see themselves as Christians, they go through their normal days,  they have careers….When you see them, they appear and are normal.  What I have come to realise is-they note the signs and quake in fear. I understand the bible says we should watch and pray……emphasis on pray though.

  • The Gospel Spreader:

    People within this category just want to spread the goodnews, they go on mission,  they preach the gospel in the bus, with their lifestyle,  they are just all about spreading the word…they have their jobs,  go to school, they are not concerned if the signs are glaring or not,  they just want to let people know who our God is.

  • The Sign Ensurer:

    This class of people ensure they manifest the sign of end time,  they’d ensure there’s the false prophet, there’s the lover of self, there’s the gay/lesbians, there’s the love of the things of the world etc. Some times their acts aren’t deliberate they just ensure such things come to pass. 

  • The Me and My Own:

    Most Christians fall into this category,  they see the signs and believe “so far my family and I are okay,  i don’t care about any lost soul” we could care less if everyone else is saved.
#mytwocent: I used to fall in category 1 and live in fear, then I moved to category 4; ideally we should strive to be category 2, be burdened to spread the word, be that Jesus freak, that one who teaches people why they should be crazy about God like you are. Don’t watch for the signs,  blindly preach and spread the word,  in your character, physically spread the word.
I pray God grants you grace,  even as I have been praying for grace.
Please watch out for the book of the year…. Jesus in jeans
Let that be your goal this better half of the year.
Have a great half!!!

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