Jesus in Jeans – A must read!

When i got to uni my dad gave me three advice that helped me through school:
1- Read and study well so that when you’re told results are out you don’t go to the toilet out of fear of the outcome.
2- walk with those who study, they help a lot when it’s time to study and you’re not in the mood
3- join a fellowship, “runs girls” and “yahoo boys” will not be attracted to you and derail you
Guess what? It worked
At different stages in my life God had always used someone or group or people to make me grow in HIM. 
When i needed to grow amidst peer pressure, Sovereign Army Fellowship and Levites helped me with them- Bless everyone who helped me grow.
After school, when i needed encouragement- dealing with disappointments, when i needed to stop drinking milk and start taking something more solid in Christ, God brought Growing In Purpose (GRIP) group my way- when he was satisfied that i had grown some, the BBM group dissolved. I tried to have us back on Whats App but even that didn’t work- i got the gist, i needed to move on, i stopped grasping at straws.
Ofcourse i made friends with members of the different groups. A friend of mine from GRIP wrote me up and told me he just finished writing a book and wants me to read it and give him feedback on what i thought about the book, i eagerly took the book and read, Wow!!!! i was blown away. 
The Title of this oh-so-real book is: Jesus In Jeans
Let’s take a little journey back to when i joined Sovereign Army Fellowship (SAF) in 2006 (i must say that was one of my best decisions when i was in UNILAG), through different pastors i learnt and grew as a christian, from Pastor Trevor to Pastor Lala and everyone in between. One thing i learnt in Sovereign Army Fellowship was evangelism, we would go to the different hostels to evangelise, what we tagged our evangelising was: Jesus In Jeans!
You could imagine my surprise when the book had the same title. So this whole so lovely book is available for sale and i must say IT IS A MUST READ.
Imagine Jesus in this present day and age, how do you think it will be? This book gives you an insight to our Jesus who is the same yesterday, today and forever.
The book written by Bill Bidiaque helped me understand some of the things that happened when Jesus was on earth as a man, all i could conclude was flesh and blood didn’t reveal this to the young writer Bill. 
Please see excerpts from this great book!
 #‎JesusInJeansNovel #‎IstillLOVEyou
Lagos, NIGERIA; Sept. 1— Documentary filmmaker and writer Bill Bidiaque, debuts his Christian fiction/Christian thriller novel, Jesus in Jeans, based on the life of Jesus, cast in the 21st Century. Jesus in Jeans is published as a WestBow Press title; WestBow Press is a division of Thomas Nelson Publishing and Zondervan.
Set in a fictional nation called Y’Isra – based on the Israel of old – the novel narrates the days of Jesus on earth in a contemporary context. We meet Jesus as Jay Elion. Our first encounter with him is at the sanctum, wreaking havoc on bureaux de change and electronic dealerships.
Jay Elion claims he’s been sent to save Earth from damnation, his mission beginning in Y’Isra. This pits him against the Syndicate of Religious Lawyers, the Moranê Empire, and the Y’Isran patriarchy – who all have their own interests to guard.
To fulfil his mission, Jay organizes campaigns across Y’Isra with his twelve-man crew and his growing popularity threatens the fabric of power that the three antagonists have woven. His exploits attract several assassination attempts but Jay scales through them in stride.
We journey with Jay, getting a modern perspective of the life Jesus lived; like 2,000 years ago, Jay speaks to the elements and they obey, whether he’s on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner or a sport fisher yacht.
The book is available on Amazon, WestBow, and Konga, in Hardcover, Paperback, and e-copies.
Bill Bidiaque believes that the media is an effective tool for mind-change and is poised to exploit the vast opportunities for this purpose. He’s a screen writer and a documentary filmmaker, and lives in Lagos, Nigeria with his wife.
Bill is available for interviews. To book interviews, appearances and/or book-signings, please contact
Bill BidiaqueIdeomania LTD/
Author – Jesus in Jeans (The Novel)Available on Amazon, Konga and Westbow

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