How Easily We Forget!

Hmmmmn so after several years of absence on this page, it’s glad to be back 😉

Oftentimes I wonder if it’s only people I interact with, me or just general human nature to in a flash forget easily what good we’ve experienced when faced the littlest obstacle. It’s no doubt that God is good, i mean:

  • King David said it
  • Don Moen said it
  • Kirk Franklin said it
  • My pastor says it
  • Well when things work out for me, I find myself saying it, you agree with this right?

Was discussing with my friend some 3 weeks ago and he said something that struck me:

Most times we forget what God has done for us, we look back and grumble on what is not right with our situation, but forget oh too soon what good thing we have enjoyed so far.- Ayodeji Oni

After saying this ofcourse we continued with our conversation but that statement struck me and I have been dwelling on this for sometime now.

I was complaining about my finances very recently, that the salary should increase side by side with the cost of living, things are expensive and the list goes on, ofcourse I am grateful for the gift of life but in all my complaint I have forgotten where I am coming from, how far God has brought me.

That applies to you, are you where you were 2 months ago? Or even 2days ago? God’s thought towards you is bigger and better than you very creative mind can can imagine, the lilies of the fields can testify to it.

So the next time you are discouraged or just feel like complaining, look back and thank God instead. 😉


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