To every one who was in physical pain and had to rely on painkillers,

To every one who needed food but had to sleep hungry,

To every one who lost someone to death and cried at the sting of it,
To every one who wished they performed the miracle the apostles commanded in the bible,

To every one who call themselves Christians but have at one point in their lives understood what the prophet of baal felt when they called on their god and nothing happened….

To everyone who might have thought, can God hear me at all, or has He forgotten He left someone down here on earth?

I have an idea of what you might have felt, or looked like at those low points;

I have felt that too and i totally agree with you, it SUCKS!

I realized that some of my actions have turned our Oh So Mighty God to a cripple- cause (someone)  to become unable to walk or move properly.


Oftentimes we live like we could care less on how we relate with God, we constantly push God away to please men. At this point, I’d like us to take a step back to ask ourselves why?

So i have found myself in situations where i have acted like a Pharisee- all stuck up and religious; other times i have had cause to pause mid-stride and ask myself- if i was submitting a report to God on my behaviour, getting to scenes in my life, will I be able to watch this scene with God without being ashamed?

I have found myself constantly fighting pride, gossiping, lying, it’s so bad that sometimes the lie is ready for a perceived reaction- not even an actual reaction; sometimes in the name of “gist” i find myself gossiping about another person, what’s worse sometimes is the pride of the heart, might be smiling at someone and haughty at heart. This went on for so long that i almost stopped feeling bad after i was done with the act-I was getting used to the “earthly” behaviour.

You may be wondering what all these confessions are all about, i guess the point I’m  making is, we are so wrapped up in our earthly living that the exception have overtime become the norm, we are so in sync with living the worldly way that there’s no difference between a “christian” and those who haven’t made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour…it is indeed really sad.

We can’t expect to dine with demons one minute and cast them out the next minute-  Acts 19:15 “I know Jesus and I’ve heard of Paul, but who are you?” is the answer we are unknowingly getting when we try to perform miracles or get headway in the name of God.

Casting Crowns musical group was right when they asked this question in their song- “If we are the body why aren’t his arms reaching, his ears hearing, his words teaching, love not showing, legs walking? because though we may be over a billion on earth we are one body in Christ, we have by our actions made a cripple out of God.

The Holy Spirit is ever ready to guide us aright, let’s make a conscious decision to accept the gift of the Holy Spirit that Jesus Christ graciously released to us when He was ascending to heaven. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak- less of you and more of the Holy Spirit is what you need, this will ensure you don’t fall to the weakness of the flesh. Opening myself to be used by the Holy Spirit has helped me constantly live the God-kind of life. When I find myself in sticky situations that would have had me falling back to my old stilettos of lying, He steps in and saves the day, whereby there’s really no need to lie, plus when you live with the constant reminder that gossiping, lying and pride is not an option, there’s a way your flesh “behaves” itself, after a while you realize that the sin you once fell for is now a thing of the past!

By this the incredible power you wield as a Christian and a part of the body of Christ is evident in speedy answers to your call on God- afteral God hates sin, meaning the absence of sin is the constant presence of God in your life.

Make a decision to live the God-kind of life today and uncripple your God, as a part of the body of Christ you have the power through the Holy Spirit to raise the dead, heal the sick and the cripple, and to take the sting out of death (when you evangelise and people die knowing God and accepting Jesus, you are happy they are in a better place).

Saunter through this month of October with the Holy Spirit and prove to the naysayers that your God is strong and mighty and not CRIPPLED!

Read, Be blessed and Share!

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