In Love With…

I enjoy long walks,

Appreciate all genres of music,

Partial to Jazz music and soft rock,

I get bored easily,

I love musical instruments, just not sure i can play any,

I enjoy listening to sounds from a well played Saxophone, it takes me to another realm,

I love the colour blue, there’s something utterly calm about it,

I love taking pictures of nature,


Eko Bridge – November 1

I appreciate the rainbow,

I love poetry,

I love paintings, partial to abstracts,

I love to write,

I love singing…good thing i can sing,

I have conversations in my head,

I have a head for strategic ways of promoting businesses especially start-ups,

I love technology…oh the possibilities that abound in that realm,

I love God!

This is my birthday post, yes, it’s a very Happy Birthday to me. I have been looking forward to this particular day since, those who are my friends on Social Media would have been wondering what the whole hype was all about, some thought i was being childish, some thought i was just in the mood to share pictures, others thought i was probably fishing for gifts- rest assured that it’s none of the above.

I don’t hide the fact that i am currently single, infact, i would say i am enjoying my singlehood, been in and out of relationships, almost all ended on a good note. You might agree with me on this; when you newly meet someone, you get to know the person, know their likes, dislikes, genre of music, etc, everything about the person suddenly becomes relevant. Now to me this is usually quite a chore for me, it puts me on the spot (not a fan of that), however, after some time you are able to sieve through the lie and know the person’s core.

So where’s all these introduction leading to, you might ask?

Are you in a relationship with God, if yes, what kind of relationship do you have with Him, is He:

1. Your Lord and master?

2. Your Saviour?

3. Your friend?

4. Your soul’s lover?

Very recently I had to do an audit on my relationship with God, I realised that i was increasingly trying to do it all on my own, was edging towards religion- the one thing i had warned myself to avoid, my service in church had turned routine, there was no form of worship in what i was doing, I had become a Martha without even trying to.

Then I hit the breaks, stopped my working in the church and sought to look after my relationship with God, you see, like a garden, my flowers were wilting while i was helping tend another man’s land.

In this break I met with God, He moved from being my Lord & Master, moved from being my Saviour, I discovered the Lover of my soul. In that discovery I understood the emotion behind this song:

Jesus, lover of my soul,

Jesus, I will never let you go,

You’ve taken me from the miry clay (soggy clay, the worst of its kind),

Set my feet upon the rock and now I know

I love You, I need You,

Though my world may fall, i’ll never let You go

In discovering Jesus as the Lover of my soul, I became hungry for more of Him, read my bible more, meditated on it more, talked about Him publicly even more, the symptoms were there- I had fallen in love with Jesus all over again, and just like any couple who falls in love with themselves again, it is even sweeter.


It was easy to share with the Lord my likes, dislikes, fears, gist, angry moments, happy moments, i-am-disappointed-in-myself-moments etc, i am entirely sensitive to my actions and how it reflects on my lover. Yes i have a lover, takes me back to a song i learnt in my Year 1 or 2 by two YDs, can’t really remember the verse but the song titled sunshine:

I have fallen in love with you,

I’m in love with what You do,

You’re the reason i’m alive,

You have brought to me Sunshine…

Are there times where I have fallen short in this rejuvenated relationship with God? Oh most definitely, lovers do have their spats, however, when they make up it is usually explosive, same with God, when i come down from my high horse, or rise from my self pity of having sinned, i remember this scripture:

Come. Sit down. Let’s argue this out.

This is God’s message:

If your sins are blood-red,

they’ll be made snow-white.

If they’re red like crimson,

they’ll be like wool.- Isaiah 1:18 (MSG Translation)

Right now I solely depend on God for everything, really that’s the only fool-proof option, call me risk averse but i’d rather depend on my one (Psalm 62:5-6 MSG translation) and only who happens to be Omniscient that navigate through life’s track.

Just like Jonathan Butler rightly put:

Falling in love with Jesus,

Falling in love with Jesus,

Oh, falling in love with Jesus,

Was the best thing I’ve ever done.

In His arms i feel protected,

In His arms, never disconnected,

Oh in His arms, i feel protected, there’s no place i’d rather be.

Unlike human relationships where you are not sure if your feelings are reciprocated, a loving relationship with God is a guaranteed reciprocated loving relationship, afteral He made the first move by dying for your sins before you were born to commit the sins in the first place. So why not, find that spark and fall in love with Jesus!


I’m sure you would have guessed, i love love, i love God, i love you.

Last year, my song for the year was Nathaniel Bassey and Micah Stampley’s This God is too Good, this year it’s the song from Nathaniel Bassey’s album (track 8)- Like a Symphony. In other related news, my hottest find is Mairo Ese’s album- The Worship of Yahweh

Till next time, read, be blessed, comment and don’t forget to share!


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