God and I


  1. Sunset at the beach
  2. The rainbow after a downpour
  3. The look couples share during their vows and their first dance
  4. Poetry and paintings

All these things try to express what my relationship with God is like. I met God as a child; I was about 7 years old, I met Him in the place of worship and have refused to leave that place. I was introduced to Him through the Holy Spirit. It was love at first meet.

We met that night on my mum’s bed, my leg was on the wall; I was singing different worship songs I had learnt in the church. I had heard so much about God, I was eager to meet Him. Then while singing I was hand-held by the Holy Spirit and taken directly to His presence (that was my first time speaking in tongues) and what I felt and still feel about Him are the things I listed above…and more.

Sunset at the beach is one of the best views of nature in the world, I’m not sure I have seen anything else that is more beautiful than that; this explains how beautiful God is to me. Seeing a rainbow in the sky after the heavy downpour reminds me that God is a faithful lover who remembers his lover’s birthday even after a huge fight, the serene beauty of a rainbow on a grey sky reminds me that God is big on details.

Have you ever attended weddings, have you seen the look couples share when saying their vows or having their first dance? There’s this sincere, I can’t wait to do life with you, look they share, that’s what comes to mind when I think about God and me- I am doing life with God and I am loving it.

The feelings when it comes to God and I is one of a frustrated artist, I would really love to express what we have on a canvas, it’s soothing, trusting, with dashes of humour, a good dose of berating and heavy on romance. God is indeed my romantic lover.

I have had to look through my life and all I can see is that I met God as a 7 years old girl, I have been in a relationship with Him since then and I must say, He has shown me in several ways that He loves me beyond my imaginative mind can comprehend and all I’d give him in return is love Him with my life.

So if you see me making a big deal about God is ‘cos it’s a promise to my lover to love Him with everything in my life.

What’s your God love story like? I’d say, take time out to find your love story with God you’d be shocked how intimately loving God is.


2 thoughts on “God and I

  1. Oh, this is so beautiful! So expressive…the depth…beautiful!
    God’s love is so jaw-dropping and when you are captured, you are captured…there is absolutely no going back. It’s intoxicating like…”God’s love”. LOL
    Well done, TT!

    God bless you!


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