A Special Mother’s Day Post

Come Sunday, Americans will treat their mothers specially, it is indeed Mother’s Day. Well, as an aspiring mother, I will celebrate them, my geographical location notwithstanding.

There’s this interview excerpt with a woman I admire so much, she’s a young mum and through her, the HolySpirit is starting a revival amongst women, her name is Pastor Tolu’ Odukoya-Ijogun.

Here’s something to wet your appetite:

YMR: As a pastor, mum and wife and fulfilling your purpose. How do you bring it all together?

PT: Honestly it is all the grace of God; sometimes I wonder how it’s all possible but when you rely on Gods strength you break barriers of impossibilities

YMR: There are a lot of things competing for our attention as mums, working in a full/part time job, being a mum and a loving wife. How do you strike a balance?

 PT: I have always believed that there is a 20% that brings about the 80% result but what most of us do is that we focus on the 80% that brings about the 20% result. I know that I am (as Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun) very inadequate when it comes to all these things so I always focus on Gods strength to be the best steward I can in the lives of my husband and children because I realise every day that they are truly Gifts from God and since he gave me these gifts he know exactly what I need to do. In my place of work or business, I am the example of my father Jesus Christ so I ask him to help me represent him well, with the help of the Holy Spirit influence lives around me and do the best I can. and as a Pastor to reach as many souls as possible through the power of the Holy Spirit. To finish the assignment and purpose I was created for and to set as many lives on fire for our lord Jesus Christ.

Click here to read the full interviewHappy mother


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