Vessels Unto Honour

There’s this prayer I pray, the HolySpirit inspired that prayer in me, it’s:

Lord, let my life be an advertisement for you, let me be a billboard for you.

I read somewhere that if you have to convince people that you are a Christian then you are doing something wrong, remember that the name “Christian” came from observations – they observed that the Apostle’s behaviour was mirrored after Christ.

The question I am asking today is: Is your life an advertisement for Christ?

As a professional, is Jesus evident in your life? Is it visible that you put God first in everything you do? Or do you put him on the back burner when it comes to your career? Or are you a Christian living for judgement day only, living each day as they come, and waiting for the rapture to happen? Either way, it’s important to always put God first in all you do while you make waves for good while here on earth….guess what, the whole world is waiting for your manifestation

For [even the whole] creation [all nature] waits eagerly for the children of God to be revealed.- Romans 8:19

Clays have always fascinated me, it is interesting how different creations a potter can create with just clay…fascinating sculptures, plates and even vessels, each with their variations. God is the ultimate potter, and He took time creating different people with the same clay. You were not moulded and given life for you to do nothing, you were moulded to be a vessel…a Vessel Unto Honour.


In May I was at a concert and the HolySpirit dropped the word: “Vessels Unto Honour”, that was my next assignment, which was to gather unashamed Christian professionals from different works of life, to write about their lives and how God is very involved in their lives. I didn’t know where to start, with the help of the HolySpirit I compiled a list.

Every Wednesday and Friday starting from the month of July, I will be posting write-ups from professionals from different works of life, expressing themselves as #VesselsUntoHonour, please follow me on this journey as they write about how involved God is in their lives. These professionals are doing well in their field and they are unashamed of Christ. This dispels the myth that to be successful in this world you have to put Christ on the back burner.

As a professional, how do I bring Jesus to my job? While pastors preach on the pulpit and talk about God and his faithfulness, I realised that my pulpit is my life, my office and my professional space is my mission field. I don’t need to wear “Jesus Girl” T-shirt before I get people’s attention, my character should shout God’s fame. The way I respond to emails, the way I relate to my colleagues, the decisions I make when no one is around is very important should shout Christ-like. Some of my colleagues will not step into a church to hear my pastor preach about God’s faithfulness and His love, but they should come in contact with the salvation message through my life, what version will I be if I am read? Will I be the rejected translation or the Christ-like translation? These are the thoughts that are constantly running through my head.

I pray their stories blesses you as they have been blessing me.

Happy New Half of the year *winks*


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