All or Nothing

With the weekend around the corner, I felt this is the perfect time for this Entrepreneur to talk about her being a #VesselUntoHonour. Her name is Oluwakemi Samuel– in her words, she’s the creative director of Icing ‘n’ Drapes, she bakes cakes and is into event decor. Reading what she wrote, taught me a lot about being a Christian, an Entrepreneur…it taught me to let go and let God. I hope it blesses you as it did me.

People wonder why I refer to myself as Creative Director of my business and not CEO; well that’s because that is who I am- A Director! Jesus is my CEO. Sounds funny right? Well, I’ve chosen to give him his space, if He the Chief Executive Officer of my life why not every area of my life… my business inclusive.

A lot of people have different opinions about God, a school of thought believe that whatever you can do by yourself do it and do not involve God, another school of thought (which I belong) believe that even in little areas of your life you must get God involved…I involve God in everything no matter how little it is. I pray when I get to the office in the morning; apart from praying for open doors:

•  I sanctify the place with the blood of Jesus,

•  I pray against accidents,

•    I pray for every job/order received,

•    I pray for my customers to have money, pray for God’s provision for them especially those who have shown interest and not paid

•    Before I start any cake, I pray for ideas,

•    When I finish I pray because you even have to pray that the cake gets to the destination in one piece and I pray that the client will love the cake/décor…I pray for virtually everything.

Even when I’m on the job, you could catch me say “HolySpirit” at intervals, I realised that calling the HolySpirit in is like a prayer and He has never failed to provide the right answer to all situations. Sometimes when a job goes wrong, I say maybe because I forgot to pray or didn’t listen to a particular leading from the Holy Spirit. Here’s a snapshot of my daily office prayer:

IMG_20170702_214227Putting God first in my business is not just about praying but also treating my employees and customers right according to God’s principles. As a Christian, I don’t want to behave in a way that will have people turn and say “And she says she is a Christian.” I have over time learnt to seek God’s wisdom to keep me from making bad decisions and to also trust God for uncertain profits.

I believe firmly that following God’s directions will bring success (Remember what happened when Peter let Jesus in his boat?)

God cares about honesty in the workplace; your business is his business. Proverbs 16:11 MSG

cakeIt’s only God that move one forward from the level of “barely-making-it to “having-more-than-enough.  He is the only one that can open doors in a supernatural way.  He can position one’s name with the right people, in the right places and at the right time. So why leave Him out?

In all this,  as Christians, we should be Christ-like in our ways and exhibit Christ-like traits like – honesty, quality service (whatever you find your hands doing, do it well), the right attitude, perspective (give everyone a chance), uniqueness, creativity, professionalism and integrity.

Never mind those who tell you to leave God out of your business, your business is your life and your life is God’s business.


12 thoughts on “All or Nothing

  1. Interesting read. I particularly like this statement, ‘Never mind those who tell you to leave God out of your business, your business is your life and your life is God’s business’.

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    • Yes Toyin, I agree with you on don’t leave out God from certain areas of your life involve Him in all. The series is #VesselUntoHonour which is to highlight how Christians are representing in different works of life.


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