Absolute Obedience

It’s Friday and I am excited for another ‘episode’ of #VesselUntoHonour. I have this owanbe coming up and I’m thinking to myself, hope the food will be dope! Today’s writer is someone I have admired from afar, I watch with admiration how she does her business, how she cooks quality meals with prices that will make your eye twitch (very pocket-friendly). She doesn’t compromise on quality and I see Jesus shine through her transparency, what I didn’t know was her story and how obedience to the master potter shaped her business – Veritas Caterers Limited; meet the CEO- Veronica and read her #VesselUntoHonour story and I pray it blesses you as it blessed me.

 I am a Geophysicist and topped my class while in school, I didn’t want to do my mother’s business (cooking) because I felt it was too dirty and wasn’t classy enough. I married early, had two babies after school then went off for my NYSC. All these while I cooked for fun, if you are hungry, match to my house I’d cook for you. My mum taught me to always look inward, always build a recipe from what you have before looking for money to get new things and that made me learn early that cooking is an art and art is a means of self-expression.

I have been in private business for 17 years and Veritas is one of the several businesses I have ve (Veritas is a Latin word for truth) Veritas is my truth. God had been using strangers, friends, my husband to talk to me, to turn my passion into profit- I was headstrong, I would say “No, I am a geophysicist. I can’t cook for other people.” Then God started using other means to talk to me, He called me out and showed me- this (cooking) is what I want you to do, it got so frustrating to the extent that every other thing I did or planned to do paled compared to cooking. He showed me, that cooking is what you should do, strangers will come to you- feed them. Why me? I was told, no- you were singled out for a purpose, out of your mother’s children- I was the arrowhead in cooking, God told me, this is who you are, this is what you should do.

Out of frustration, I started a plantain chips company from my kitchen in 2005, I told God that I have done something in line with what you asked me- this sustained me for 10years and the vision came again. God told me, you are running, this isn’t what I asked you to do…at this point, I had to obey. God said, cook food and feed people not make snacks.

I challenged God, told him I wouldn’t collect money from my husband, I would cook with what I have, where I am- you are God, You should sort me out. A program came up in my church where the church was sourcing for a vendor to cater for about 100 ministers for 8 days and out of nowhere I took that up and said I will handle it, the devil came and planted seeds of doubt (you don’t have waiters, you don’t have plates or cutleries to cater for that much people), I did everything in my house, served from my house, and at the end I wondered, “how did I do that with the limitations the devil had planted”. The HolySpirit responded: when I give you a vision, I always cater for my vision- hence it’s called PROvision, this is what you are called to do and this is where you are going to shine. I realised that my altar, my pulpit, my mission field is my cooking and that’s the way I will be representing God.

September I started in my house, no customer-base, nothing, sold only one pack and by October 1, 2015, I rolled out the Veritas express with just the contact on my Blackberry as my contact. Today we have the capacity to cater for events and lots of people with no loan from the bank, no capital from my husband and no input from my savings.

Whenever things go south (they do sometimes), I realise that it’s like God (drying of the brook so that the prophet could relocate- 1Kings 17: 7), I see it as a launch pad for something great. There are setbacks definitely but God still makes a way.


God has been faithful and He is the pillar of our business, all we have done is putting the face of God first God in all we do. Obedience is better than sacrifice, and ii strive to obey God at all times, how?

God says we should:

  • Be Truthful: We ensure that all pack of food is truthful and full of integrity as God would
  • Be Resourceful
  • Let His glory and His name shine in all that we do.

Treat food that strangers will eat like something you will prepare for yourself. People trust you to deliver their health so allow the HolySpirit to use you to deliver to that trust.

As Christian business owners, don’t be carried away by the way of the world…making money is important but making a good name, uplifting people is more important. Let people see that you present God in all that you do, let there be a difference, treat your staff with respect, let them see God in you.

Your business is your mission field. Ensure no one is looking for God in your business, let it be glaring with the way you do your business. Don’t forget, always obey God’s instruction, even when it seems impossible.


2 thoughts on “Absolute Obedience

  1. Wow! Powerful, TTayo!

    Thank God for Kingdom-giants in the business sector…people who reverence and serve God…people who have powerful testimonies that can change lives.

    Keep doing what you are doing, TTayo!

    Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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