Faith not magic!

Teachers! What would the world be like without them? I’m glad what we can do is just imagine, I learnt a couple of things from my teachers, and a whole lot more from my Christian teachers, more from their way of life than the subjects they taught. Today’s #VesselUntoHonour is a teacher who is passionate about God and sees reflects on her teachings and uses the experience to understand the scripture. I call her Dash! Her official documents says Deinma though. What I learnt from her is the understanding of the power of timing in Prayer, Faith and Trust…the walk with God is not magic, it’s like a seed and it needs time to germinate. I pray it blesses you as it did me:

Tolu: *whining* Look Miss Deinma my water is not turning to He stretched out his hand to show me his cup of water.

We had just finished a science project titled: ‘states of water’ and this 5yr old scientist (Tolu) wanted to start experimenting immediatelyYou see, Tolu had seen steam gush out from a kettle of boiling water (liquid turning to gas); he explored ice cubes melting outside the freezer (solid turning to liquid), he had also examined a bottle of water that had an “iceberg” floating in it (i.e. liquid turning to solid) – we agreed that it was part of the free-flowing water that had solidified thus forming ice. In all these, we also discussed freezing point and boiling point – at that time that these changes occur; he didn’t understand the concept of timing.

Personally, I think ‘timing’ is a relative thing; especially with situational changes surrounding every experiential “experiment”. It’s like hearing a testimony, believing in it and agreeing with the written word of God but not being sure of how to replicate those exact Spiritual conditions. How do you even start to talk about “timing” in an eternal realm?

As I grinned at Tolu’s faith, I told him “you need to give it TIME”, he explained to me saying “but Miss Deinma it is really really cold already – it should turn to ice”. Really really cold and freezing point are totally different things – not close in any way. Could I really explain more than this to a 5-year-old? Maybe if I had a thermometer, I could show him the difference between 7°C, 0°C and -4°C. Since the technicalities were going to be somewhat a lot for him, I whispered to him “Trust me! Leave it in the freezer overnight and the next morning, you’ll find ice”. With an intense glare in front of me and with his head slowly nodding, he spelt the word N-O, and continued by shouting – I want it now! What I deduced from his body and verbal language were conflicting messages addressing different things but merged into one answer. The slow nod: I trust you Miss Deinma; No, I want it now: I don’t like your timing thus I wouldn’t follow your instructions on how to go about it.

As a Christian scientist, I remember asking my Pastor about Faith-o-metres. I knew that beyond any reasonable doubt, I believed in the word – countless stars rating faith! Thus, I expected all my expectations offered in form of prayers to materialise immediately. I guess I only saw my desire as the only necessary condition.

If I had liquid nitrogen, I would have created the magic Tolu was requesting for, but magic is such an unsustainable reality and the knowledge needed to manage it sometimes elude even the wisest scholars. So instead of dabbling into that and preparing for a future of re-orientations, I believe I stand justified to allow him to grow a little bit more to understand timing and right conditions. Although I must say I highly commend his relational skills and all the questions he brought to the table.

My conversation with Tolu brought to the fore, that as Christians, we are privy to the right conditions and timings through the power of the Holy Ghost and the special Grace of God. We are also encouraged by Hebrews 6:12 to follow those who through faith and PATIENCE obtained the promise.


Time must take its course and the onus is on us not to miss our time of visitation, as a Christian I believe that’s a kingdom secret. Jesus wasn’t just born and then He died, It took Him 33 years to prepare to die for your sins, the beauty of timing and waiting is beauty and permanence of the end result.


As vessels (remember clays when moulded have to dry and to last have to be heated and all this takes time), we work by faith and not magic…time is essential.


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