We have the Local Government election holding tomorrow in Lagos Nigeria and most of us will be grounded for the better part of the day- this post is quite appropriate for a time like this. My #VesselUntoHonour writer this Friday is a young woman passionate about God, she makes you long to have a loving relationship with your Father, and she is doing her own thing in the NGO scene. Chinenye Etoniru expresses how you should at all times seek God for direction, my a-ha moment was this line:

It is wisdom to pray before you set out, it is faith in action to step out and take hold of what you were praying for.

I pray you are blessed by this as I was:

I studied Law at the university for 6 years. Sometime in my 4th year, I started asking the lord what career he wanted me to pursue. To some people it was like – duhh you are studying law what do you want to do with your life again. To some others it was more like- ahn ahn just look at what you can do and what you are passionate about and tow that line. But I still asked the Lord what he would have me do? His answer blew my mind; non-profit sector ke? I didn’t even know there were professionals in that field, with all my years of studying law, I’ll now go and work in an NGO.I am sure glad I listened. Three years down the line, I’m like a fish in the ocean, like I was born for the work that I do. I am fulfilled, I’ve excelled in my career and there are still lots of opportunities within the sector that haven’t been explored.

I’m telling the story because as Christians a lot of times we feel like we have to figure things out for ourselves. We set goals(without asking the lord which way) then at the end of the day it doesn’t work out, we repeat the cycle and then we become frustrated when we feel like we aren’t making progress. Our walk on earth was never meant to be about the hustle and bustle, we are called to know Jesus and walk with him. It is from the place of a relationship with God that he directs the trajectory of our lives. You can never get it wrong, moving with Jesus.

I’ve heard people say Christians are lazy and wait for God to do everything for us. I’ll share another experience. I started working in the non-profit sector without doing any course, so most of the experience I have was gotten on the job. As I was thinking about the things I wanted to accomplish this year, I knew I wanted to do a course. I’m married with a child and most of the courses I know I can do are 1-2 year courses away from Nigeria. I didn’t think I could do it. I prayed about it and just generally asked God to guide me. I went to see my dad some weeks after and immediately I settled down the first thing he told me was, you need to do a course. That was a confirmation for me that God was in support. I went home and said “Lord I don’t know which course you want me to do but please lead me to it and let me know when I see it”. To cut the long story short, about two months after, an application for a course was circulated in my office. It was a 2-week training and 6 months mentoring programme. When I saw it I knew that this was it. I wasn’t going to be away for too long and the course focused on most of the things I needed to learn. I didn’t meet some of the selection criteria and the application process was stressful but that didn’t stop me. In the end, I was one of three people selected from Nigeria.

This experience re-enforced a biblical truth I hold dear. Enquire of the lord, and when he says move, you MOVE. Laziness is when you pray and when it’s time to move you are laid back. It is wisdom to pray before you set out, it is faith in action to step out and take hold of what you were praying for. (James 2: 14 -26)

My message here is, stop striving to do things on your own. Move with God and let him order the course of your life, professionally and other wise. Moses told God in Exodus 33:15 “If you don’t personally go with us, don’t make us leave this place”. David when he found that the Amalekites had taken the wives and children of he and his men captive, went to the Lord and asked shall I pursue and overtake (I Samuel 30). The answer here looked very obvious. How will you get them back if you don’t pursue? In present day, people will have said he’s not a sharp guy, just go already! But he still asked and God‘s answer was affirmative. These men understood that once God gives a go ahead victory is sure.

Jeremiah 29:11- God knows the great plans he has for you. The only way you can find out the plans, is to ask!


3 thoughts on “Direction

  1. Wow! So true. Always enquire of the Lord even when you think you know it all. God should always be our guide in life. We must always walk with Him.

    A journey with God is a beautiful journey.

    Thanks, TT!
    Great job!

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