Life Goals

It’s Wednesday the 26th – the last Wednesday in the month of July 2017! It’s been an interesting month for me, a month of discovery, a month of trust, a month of hunger and a month of obedience. I had reasons to evaluate my life and pause to check my relationship-o-metre with God, just to be sure I am not getting mixed signals (like one will check their tyres from time to time). Yinka Akande, the lovely person behind the Instagram Ipray365 is my writer for today, she’s brought to the fore the importance of a relationship with God, reading her post had me re-evaluate my life’s goal- as Christians, we need to be conscious of having one desire- to be a vessel unto honour.

I pray this piece blesses and changes you as it did me.

Growing up as a child, I knew very little about God and his ways. Even though I grew up going to church often and religiously attending departmental meetings, I knew God existed and that I was to live for Him, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around the whole God idea.

Although I am still on that journey, I will like to say that with each season, God has graciously revealed himself to me.

In my university days, I longed to be useful to God, Permit me to say that was my single heart desire. Even though I loved God and wanted to be used by him, I had some limitations in my mind and in my thinking which restricted my ability to operate in my full potential as a vessel unto honour. 

As the years went by, I learnt and discovered the endless value of a life lived unashamedly for God in the midst of a generation that cared little or less about God and didn’t think it cool to be identified with Him.

As days turned to weeks and weeks to months and years, I realised that my single life purpose was to be a vessel unto God – the honourable vessel. I desired this, and urge everyone to see that as the single reason why we live.

I continued with my commitment to live for God, even though some of my colleagues called me different kinds of names, that didn’t change the fact that God honoured me in the organisation.  In just my first year of working with the company, I was awarded the employee of the year. The light and glory of God caused me to stand out.  Some of my colleagues looked up to the wisdom of God in me and they sought me for spiritual guidance.


God used me as a vessel of honour to bring honour and glory to His name.

This journey continues as I am continually learning about God and inspiring others to do so too. Through my prayer book “Ipray” and my Instagram page- @ipray365, I aim to inspire a 100 million praying lives and also encourage people to live their lives in close relationship, fellowship, communion with God – most importantly, being salts and light bearers in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation.



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