Your Support System

The last week in March proved very stressful and challenging for me, I had to push and use up my reserve strength (forgive me, now I’m just coasting).


I am currently doing a diploma in Marketing Communications, it’s been an enlightening journey but a very demanding one I must add, it reminded me of how deep I had to dig for Operational Research (OR) back when I was writing my CIPM exams phew! So the deadline for this module was April 1 and as at March 28th I was nowhere near ready to submit my coursework- Marketing & Consumer Behaviour looked like a mountain I wasn’t fit enough to surmount, I was ready to waste the money and defer, didn’t have the emotional strength to start rushing.

So I mentioned this decision to defer to my friends (sister included) and I got the best support system anybody could wish for:

  1. One said you said no, don’t be lazy, you can do it, don’t complicate things, it’s easy, it’s just that you complicate things sometimes. Do the draft, send the work for me to proofread. Your ban on coffee has been lifted burn the night candles, you have it in you, she said I’m not having any of this crap, do your work and rest later!
  2. A friend said to me, you can’t waste money oh, this course you paid in Pounds and with the current situation in Nigeria.
  3. Another said come let’s crack this together what exactly is the problem there, a respected friend of mine said No, Tayo you can do this, she brought materials for me to use (talk about backing her words with actions).
  4. A friend of mine and classmate of mine (who had an idea of the pressure) was like, you can do this TemiTee, where is the challenge, I was too embarrassed to tell her how far behind but did and she pushed me, gave me some tips and quick wins, kept checking on me, it seemed everyone but me believed in me
  5. I dragged my sister (@youngmumsreverie), into this, a pure science professional, took it upon herself to read materials to help with this assignment, she kept apologising for the delay in getting back to me, she even dragged her hubs to help out.

In the midst of this madness, I realised I hadn’t done the first thing I should have done- I hadn’t committed this assignment to God’s hands. So in one of my late nights, I took time out to tell God about my frustrations.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You’ll get his help, and won’t be condescended to when you ask for it. Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought. People who “worry their prayers” are like wind-whipped waves. Don’t think you’re going to get anything from the Master that way, adrift at sea, keeping all your options open.- James 1:5-8

In truth, I wasn’t going to worry my prayers.

So this experience had me thinking, that I have a really solid support system and a God who doesn’t need any form of back-up.

Your support system is your life’s UPS, they are the ones who charge you up when you are down and under and need a boost, who do you surround yourself with?

Are they people who will give you that boost or just drain the rest of your batteries? Are they people who will remind you and guide you to return to the light and the ultimate power source- God. Take a conscious step to surround yourself with the right people today. When the tables are turned, are you someone’s solid support system, do people look to you for that boost when they are low?

Then there’s God, the ULTIMATE light, He alone is responsible for ensuring you don’t breakdown in this race called life. He had outrightly said it:

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.- Matthew 11: 28-30

text 1

I’m glad to inform you that I met the deadline and submitted my assignment.


Love and Its Interpretation

Happy New Month

It’s February!!! The month that brings out the poet in us.

meanwhile for poems on love, I think you need to check out @poetolu on Instagram, his poems takes my breath away. LOL

Sighs! we are in February, in Nigeria we have #Nigeriadecides; it’s our election month, I have personally decided not to comment/campaign for anyone here on this platform.

So this month, like everyone else, i will be talking about love.

Love is kind, love is patient, love does not envy, love does not boast…1 Corinthians 13:4-8. The word love means a lot of things to different people in the bible:

  • To Esther: It meant defying the odds and saving her people.

  • To Rebecca: It meant helping her beloved son JACOB gets blessed and staying alive (she helped him escape Esau’s wrath).

  • To Jacob: It meant working as a slave, being cheated into marrying another wife, just to marry his beloved Rachael.

  • To Jonathan: It meant transferring his birthright to David and a wholehearted friendship.

  • To David: It meant writing sheets upon sheets of words declaring his love to God.

  • To Daniel: It meant not defying himself.

  • To the 3 Hebrew men: It meant standing firm in God and not bowing to another.

  • To Israel: It meant strong words of prayer.

  • To Mary: It meant accepting to be used; defying all form of ridicule associated with being pregnant and unwed.

  • To God: It meant giving up his one and only begotten son for the sins of the world.

  • To Jesus: It meant giving up his life, feeling our pain, being nailed on the cross repeatedly and yet pleading for mercy.

Do you love or do you think you love?

Prayer as a relationship is probably your best indicator about the health of your love relationship with God. If your prayer life has been slack, your love relationship has grown cold. – John Piper

This month, while we celebrate love, while we think outside the box on how to express our love for one another; while we try to out-do our loved ones; let’s think on these things.

As Christians, we should indeed love our neighbor; Jesus Christ loves the sinner but hates the sin, so why do we segregate? Why do we look down at the “sinner”? Why do we prejudge them? Let’s do something that reflects Christ each day of the month and rest of the year-

  • Help someone out today (You may be helping angels)
  • Don’t hold grudges 
  • Don’t condemn, give an alternative advice
  • Don’t hold back.

Let’s try to work and walk in love, what does love mean to you?

Happy birthday to FUNMISH and February Celebrants

The man called Jesus…..Volume1

My sincere apologies for my inconsistencies these past months, I will try to adjust. I want to thank all my readers for reading and for those who have given me their feedbacks, you are appreciated greatly and I am indeed grateful. 
I want to wish ‘Tosin Akingbulu, ‘Dayo Ibironke, Oluwakemi Ojabodu, Motunrayo Osuntuyi, Chisom Chris-Nwoji and Pearl Omotoyinbo (the sweetest and the most humble girl I know) a happy birthday arrears. Furthermore I would like to congratulate my fellow girlfriends on their being engaged: Motunrayo Osuntuyi, Oreoluwa Owoeye and Oluwakemi Ojabodu (hmmmmn, the guys are wising up and grabbing the available proverb 31 women), 
I am so happy for you girls, you have no idea!!!! I also want to use this avenue to wish a girl I know who grew up to be a woman of Valor, God’s lady Job (the part where he was proud of Job o; she turned out to be someone I respect from a distance and up-close; Happy birthday to you Iruka Obi.
I am not going to use my “state-of-the-nation” space to discuss what is happening in Nigeria or the world in general, however tempted I am. I just want one thing: SAY A PRAYER FOR NIGERIA AND YOUR COUNTRY IT IS HIGHLY NEEDED.
As usual Easter came with all the thoughts that is attached to it, but this was different; I really wanted to know what or who the man who was so innocent, his death cleaned the world out of sin. This man I am talking about is: the man called Jesus Christ!!!!
I have read about people coming, and even powerful people going but I have never read about anyone as selfless as Jesus Christ, yes, that same one who died for his killers. 
It was never done before, the angels were extremely excited, the father’s son coming down to earth! What love is this? The one who knew the end from the beginning was coming to start from the beginning to the “horrid” end he had already seen, he was going to die for the most-unappreciative set of people in all creation: the LOST MAN, that is vital information but I don’t want to dwell on it, but want to watch his lifestyle to understand who he was/is.
He was a man who understood his purpose right from the offset, he knew why he was on earth and didn’t have time to dilly-dally, he went straight to building the momentum for THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE. He did what he had to do but not without compassion, tsk, it was compassion that led him to earth in the first place. He made me understand that the Most High God is principled, yet merciful, fearless, yet compassionate.
He could very well have let Peter continue fishing fruitlessly and approach him to be his disciple much later; He could have preached repentance without having to accept the “perfumed” feet washing from Mary with the alabaster box; he could also have talked on and on about being a just God without having to let the woman caught in the adulterous act go unstonned; oh yes, he could very well have talked about faith without performing the diverse miracles he performed. Better yet, he could have let Peter swim to him rather than walk on water and still preach about faith. My point: he lived a life of example throughout his stay on earth. 
As Christians are we really living a life of example? Are we mirroring the Christ-like features that we got our name from? I don’t think Jesus Christ would have taught about forgiveness and keep malice/hold grudges, yet he died unashamedly for us. I don’t think Jesus Christ would have preached about our body being the temple of the Father and have allowed the temple to remain ridiculed. My question this month is that are we who we really say we are? Or are our cores like that of the Pharisees and Sadducees and we disguise ourselves in redeemed-by-Christ faith? Can we lay hands on the sick be healed through the Christ they see in us or are we so diluted that there’s no difference with those who haven’t received God’s redemption package and us?
Like the recent broadcast I sent to my blackberry contacts; that was inspired by the woman with the issue of blood brought to my mind via: Nicole .C. Mullen’s one touch (press): if Jesus was in our day and you touched the hem of his garment; would it work for you or will your story still be like the numerous people who even fell on him? While like most of you, my answer would have been a ready yes, until I realized the farce of a faith I had until God taught me and rebuilt my faith! So I am asking you this question again: if Jesus was in our day and you touched the hem of his garment; would it work for you or will your story still be like the numerous people who even fell on him? I want you to genuinely check your faith level; because God’s strength is made perfect in your weakness.
In conclusion I would like to ask; when last has your life been an advertisement for Christ? I am not talking about wearing a “Got Jesus?” top (which is a good concept) but when last has your life reflected Christ so blindingly that people are moved to know your God? As Christians, we face different challenges in life, we also are given different opportunities to cause an uproar in heaven (when a soul is saved there is celebration in heaven), instead of seeing it as an awkward moment, let us use our meeting the “unsaved” individuals as a form of evangelism. I pray that the Holyspirit will give us insight, fill our mouth and actions with the right words and minister one at a time to unsaved souls.
There’s definitely going to be a volume two or should I call It a sequel to the man called Jesus
The heat here in Lagos, Nigeria and the sting is enough to remind me that HELL is very REAL 
please indulge me and download this link: it’s worth listening.

Scribbled Lessons from the Love Textbook

I have nothing major to write but I have a lot on my mind. I was approached by one of my readers after reading my January entry, he said and I quote: “Tayo, you seem to talk so much about love; it would be interesting for you to write about love one day.” Well my friend, your request has been answered; I am writing about love this month in a rather unconventional way though.
Happy birthday to Olorunnimbe Aduragbemi(aka: Creame Gigi- someone who has shown great maturity)Funmi Solarin (Funsolz: she’s one of the most gracious people i know), Afopefoluwa Osewa (one of the most cheerful peeople i know), Ademola Owolabi (one voice i can’t get over), Jide Charles (someone that thinks outside the box ALWAYS), Arinola Olumogba and Allwell (keys *winks*) Obi (my musical maestro) {notice the trend}and to all my February readers; the Lord will indeed cause his grace to shine upon you. I hope I didn’t miss out any name this month o. Whitney Houston is dead (age 48 is quite young sha). Happy 16thanniversary to Y.D.I (Young Disciple International) it’s been a joyful journey so far and I’m grateful to God for opening me up to be blessed by this great ministry.
This book is a MUST-HAVE, something to learn from. i have learnt a great deal and i am sure you will
Since February’s edition spilled over to March I would like to start this month by saying a big happy birthday to one of God’s walking companion, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, who has showed me that there’s no level of pride the Almighty God cannot humble. He is seventy (70) years old and he doesn’t look it……one bit.
Reading the news paper daily has become more of a bitter pill to swallow than usual, with the happenings and all other weird things going on around the world, little wonder why I don’t discourage my baby brother from watching nickelodeon or Disney channel; call that escape, I call it peace of mind. I would like us to take a minute or more as your gracious heart can take and pray for Nigeria and the world at large, ending it with: God bless Nigeria and God bless the world.
St Valentine’s Day has come and gone, a day where people consciously or subconsciously identify as the day of love, well the origin is quite twisted so I am part of the subconsciously parties. Jesus came and died for my sins in an unprecedented and unrepeated style and I am yet to get over that. If you are old and grey; and you forget everything else, don’t forget that what God did for you is a textbook (authentic) definition of love and all other forms are counterfeits.
Some define love as: a sandal where without the other one it’s not complete (sincerely I have seen very weird definitions of love in this my short life). I believe that love is everything you make of it within the boundaries of first Corinthians thirteen (1Cor 13). In my opinion that chapter coupled with 1 John 3 is the ideal textbook of love.

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A lot of things happen in life and some of the biggest excuse we hear or give is that I did it out of my love for you! if you are in a relationship now, I want you to take time out and think about why you are in that relationship, are you there for material things? For the lust disguised as love? Are you there out of pity because after all said and done when all fades away, what makes you stay is the immaterial thing you noticed in the first place.
God loves us so much that he put so much thought in making us that he had to call a meeting on how we should be created; after he was done, he put his stamp of approval that we are HIS’ by giving us his breath. This was different because he didn’t do that for other animals or anything he created; rather he spake the word and created the world: this struck me that “love” is not for the saying (that is why there’s no clear definition of love even in the bible), “love” is always backed up by doing. Let’s check out some biblical evidences:
God: in the story of creation, God said: “let us MAKE man in our image….” And God also breathe into us before we could be complete.
Mordecai and Esther: for the love of the Jews acted rather declared; Mordecai mourning physically rather than say “I will mourn” and Esther risking her life to go to the king uninvited rather than saying I will wait and see what I can say.
Mary: she could have very well said she can’t face the ridicule of being pregnant before marriage and risk not being the carrier of the savior Jesus Christ.
Jesus: He could have he wasn’t going to die for the people that didn’t care about the significance of his coming not to talk of His death and eventual ressurection.
There are more biblical evidences of the word “love” but I will stop here. Love can be said to be a feeling that produces outward/physical evidences.
John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes shall not perish but have everlasting life”
“What greater love than this, that you laid down your life for me” – Rachael Lampa
God loves you so much; he cares less about your past, don’t be in a race to outdo God’s love for you because that is just mission impossible; all you need to do is love him the best way you can humanly do.
Here are some little things I noted from my love text book (1 john):
 1 John 1:9: he is faithful and just to forgive our sins
1 John 1:5: but if anyone obeys his word, God’s love is truly made complete in him.
1 John 3:16: this is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.
1 John 3:18: Dear Children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.
That said; I was made to understand with the help of the Holy Spirit that: lightness can be likened to love (don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about your skin complexion). I remember when I realized that I was in love with Ayodele Akingbulu; people commented that I was glowing; how much more will your life enjoy the experience of having your whole system glow/lighted. There is something about love that brings out your inner beauty and makes the light focus on you alone.
Here’s my little love equation:
Man ≠ loveÞMan (product) of God’s loveÞLove = lightÞGod = LightÞHence, God = light ÞMan + love God = Man lightened.
You can’t say you are in love with your fellow human if you don’t love God; because God himself is love, I am telling you this because until I loved God whole heartedly, I didn’t know what it felt like to love and to be in love with anybody.
*singing* love will never end,
Broken hearts will mend again,
 Yesterday has been replaced,
 Now we have another chance;
 To save someone who’s lost,
 Give them hope no matter the cost,
 Stand together come what may………..
This month March is looking great, key into God’s love, love him desperately and watch him go about boasting about you. Writing on this has thought me to let go and forgive easily; to you my close friend who didn’t think she offended me….i let you go.
Life Inspiring Stories Volume two is out in stores now; it is a book that gives you a tales-by-moonlight experience with Pastor E.A. Adeboye with biblical promise reminderrs. simply put…… i just can’t seem to get enough of it. For more information on how to get a copy, in Nigeria and beyond please leave a comment. is #1,000 naira and hard copy is #700 naira, go and get your copy…..